Linux distros

1 DeVuan Linux Review

DeVuan Linux Review

REVIEW Written by Jason MBefore we dive in to this, a few thoughts. This review is the first for a "non-systemd" Distro. I will not get into the aspects or controversies regarding systemd vs Init... suffice to say, both sides have some ...
2 Inside the…UBUNTU PHONE


The Ubuntu phone is here at last! Explore its development, its features and what it means for Canonical and the Ubuntu desktop. ubuntu-g-themeAlmost as soon as the first version launched in 2004, Ubuntu permanently changed the Linux ...
3 Zorin OS 15 Core Review

Zorin OS 15 Core Review

Zorin OS 15 Core Any Ubuntu-based distro has to pull something special to get into the good books of Mayank Sharma. Has he found a unicorn, or a one-trick pony?In Brief Pitched as a distribution for first-time Linux users, Zorin OS is ...
4 Robolinux 10.5 Review

Robolinux 10.5 Review

Robolinux 10.5 Mayank Sharma isn't too gullible in real life, but has an uncanny tendency to fall for distros that then don't deliver on the claims they make.IN brief A customised Ubuntu-based distro that ships with multiple desktop ...
5 Lubuntu 19.04 Review

Lubuntu 19.04 Review

REVIEW Written by Adam HuntLubuntu 19.04 was released on 18 April, 2019 and is worth checking out, as it offers some substantial refinements over Lubuntu 18.10. Lubuntu 19.04 is a standard release and so it includes support for nine months, ...
6 Boxes: A Simpler VM Manager for the Masses

Boxes: A Simpler VM Manager for the Masses

Alex CampbellVirtual machine administration can be complex to manage, but if all you want is to run a Debian instance on your Fedora box for a few minutes, VirtualBox can feel like overkill. GNOME Boxes lets you get to what you're looking for: A ...
7 Sailfish X Review

Sailfish X Review

Now that more devices work with Jolla’s Sailfish OS, Alexander Tolstoy compares Sailfish X with Sailfish 3 and sees if he can tell them apart...  In Brief The long- awaited version of Sailfish OS for another set of Sony Xperia smartphones. If you ...
8 Manjaro Linux 18.0 Review

Manjaro Linux 18.0 Review

Mayank Sharma tests a user-friendly Arch-based distro, ignoring the jibes of being called a pseudo Arch user by one very vocal advocate.In Brief Based on Arch Linux, Manjaro is one of the most popular derivatives that focuses on user- ...
9 Elementary OS 5 Review

Elementary OS 5 Review

As a major update of the trendy distribution parades down the Linux ramp, Mayank Sharma wonders if he can use it as his everyday desktop. An Ubuntu derivative that's made a name for itself for crafting a very usable and aesthetically pleasing ...
10 Ubuntu 18.10 Review

Ubuntu 18.10 Review

Leaning back in his chair while testing the latest iteration, Mayank Sharma wonders if it’s time Ubuntu should only put out LTS releases? Read our Ubuntu 18.10 Review.The desktop experience feels smoother thanks to Gnome's performance ...
11 Fedora 29 Review

Fedora 29 Review

Mayank Sharma was expecting fireworks when Ubuntu switched to Gnome. Yet Fedora is still the undisputed premier Gnome-based distro...Read our Fedora 29 Review. One of the marquee RPM- based desktop distributions that continues to offer the best ...
12 Escape Windows

Escape Windows

Fed up with Windows 10? Looking to switch to a more user-friendly variant of Linux that gives you the best of all worlds? Nick Peers has all the answers...By the time you read this, Microsoft will have rolled out another major ...