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1 Lubuntu 20.04 Review

Lubuntu 20.04 Review

Lubuntu 20.04 The real "acid test” is here! It has been six years since the LXQt desktop project was started and we now have the first Lubuntu LXQt long-term-support release. Read our Lubuntu 20.04 Review. Released on 23 April, 2020, Lubuntu ...
RECOMMENDED 2 Epson WorkForce WF-110 review – Small print

Epson WorkForce WF-110 review – Small print

Epson lists this under ‘Inkjet printers for home’, which is the one place you wouldn’t plan to use it. The point of it is that if your work takes you out and about - lockdown permitting - the WF-110W can go with you. Its built-in battery should last ...
3 Ubuntu 20.04 Review

Ubuntu 20.04 Review

Ubuntu Long Term Support (LTS) releases always get attention because, for most users, these are the releases that they install and use. Ubuntu LTS releases come out in April of the even numbered years, like 2020. Each LTS is supported for five ...
4 Musical Fidelity M8xi Review

Musical Fidelity M8xi Review

A new big beast stalks the integrated amplifier jungle, courtesy of the refreshed. Read our Musical Fidelity M8xi Review. Musical Fidelity brand. Armed with ears and test gear, we track the M8xi to its lair... Review & Lab: Paul Miller ...
RECOMMENDED 5 432 EVO Aeon Review – Everybody Hertz

432 EVO Aeon Review – Everybody Hertz

The world of audiophile storage continues to evolve and Ed Selley has been looking at the latest intriguing development. Read our 432 EVO Aeon Review. In a fairly short space of time, the concept of dedicated hi-fi storage optimised to ...

T+A SERIES 8 Review

T+A SERIES 8 (MP 8/DAC 8 DSD/AMP 8) DETAILS PRODUCT T+A MP 8 ORIGIN Germany TYPE UPnP/CD transport WEIGHT 5kg DIMENSIONS (WxHxD) 270 x 95 x 270mm FEATURES •  Supports sample rates up to 32-bit/192kHz PCM •   Digital ...
7 AVID INTEGRA Review – Punch Perfect

AVID INTEGRA Review – Punch Perfect

Avid's Integra amplifier packs a mighty punch. Noel Keywood is concussed. Read our AVID INTEGRA Review. Once upon a time, transis­tor amplifiers came big, from Crown for exam­ple. Nowadays McIntosh keep the idea going with models ...
RECOMMENDED 8 Musical Fidelity M2sCD Review

Musical Fidelity M2sCD Review

A physically and sonically elegant mid-range CD spinner. Read our Musical Fidelity M2sCD Review. KEY FEATURES Slot loading Dimensions (hwd) 10 x 44 x 37.5cm Coaxial and optical digital outs Musical Fidelity's M2sCD CD player is a ...
9 Cowon Plenue R2 Review

Cowon Plenue R2 Review

The R2 focuses on playing music, but its overall sound is unadventurous. Read our Cowon Plenue R2 Review. Cowon's first portable MP3 player (the CW100) hit the markets in 2000, a year before Apple's first iPod legitimised the whole notion for the ...
10 Ayre Acoustics EX-8 Review – Breath of fresh Ayre

Ayre Acoustics EX-8 Review – Breath of fresh Ayre

A serious level amplification from Ayre in Boulder, Colorado, coupled with versatility to pick your preferred inputs and upgrade to add others later. Read our Ayre Acoustics EX-8 Review. SUMMARY Ayre Acoustics EX-8 integrated hub ...
11 Asus Huracan G21 Review

Asus Huracan G21 Review

A subdued, tiny powerhouse that can go toe-to-toe with any "normal-sized," high-end rig. Read our Asus Huracan G21 Review. Many mini-itx form factor could be hiding an RTX 2080 beneath its slim case, and the Asus Huracan G21 is no exception. Its ...
12 Honor MagicBook 14 review

Honor MagicBook 14 review

A superbly made Min laptop that crushes the competition when it comes to value for money. Read our Honor MagicBook 14 review. Honor is better known for its smartphones, but the MagicBook 14 is the company’s first attempt at a laptop. It certainly ...