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1 Brave 1.17.3 Review

Brave 1.17.3 Review

Firefox loyalist Jonni Bidwell has a dalliance with an altogether different kind of web browser. Will he be able to look at himself in the mirror afterwards...? Read our Brave 1.17.3 Review IN BRIEF A free, privacy­centric web browser that ...
2 Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 Review

Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 Review

Written by Erik Ubuntu Budgie really shines this year with the Focal Fossa update. The install is effortless and completes in no time at all. Everything looks like it got some spit and polish. Read our Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 Review. The flagship ...
3 Enos OS 0.4 Review

Enos OS 0.4 Review

Swapping out Xfce's window manager for elementary OS's proves most pleasing to hybrid fan Jonni Bidwell. SPECS A lightweight, Xubuntu-based distro aimed at beginners and those using older hardware. It utilises the Gala window manager for a ...
4 Manjaro 20.1.1 Review

Manjaro 20.1.1 Review

The distribution that brought Arch to the masses continues to amass new features and win over Jonni Bidwell, who’s never easily pleased. In brief The latest point release of the ever-popular Arch-based distro. Available in Xfce, ...
5 CCL Shadow Hawk Xt Review

CCL Shadow Hawk Xt Review

CCL's Shadow Hawk XT is a rare beast when it comes to gaming PCs in 2020 - a rig that relies entirely on AMD for its both its CPU and GPU. Ryzen CPUs aren't unusual, of course. This PC relies on the new Ryzen 5 3600XT, a modest refresh of the ...
6 Waterfox Review – A Firefox alternative

Waterfox Review – A Firefox alternative

Waterfox, a fork of the Mozilla Firefox browser, is designed for greater speed and privacy, as well as compatibility with older add-ons. We consider two versions of the Waterfox browser and what they have to offer. by erik barwaldt Mozilla's ...
7 Tuxedo InfinityBook S 14 v5 Review – Slimline

Tuxedo InfinityBook S 14 v5 Review – Slimline

Are you in the market for a slim, light, and power-packed laptop? We test an upgradeable machine from Tuxedo. By Mike Saunders Some Windows and macOS fans joke that Linux users have no need for svelte, lightweight, and powerful laptops. After ...
8 NERO PLATINUM 2019 Review – The new Nero Platinum – progress & reliability combined

NERO PLATINUM 2019 Review – The new Nero Platinum – progress & reliability combined

Karlsruhe, September 23rd, 2020. Nero releases the latest generation of its successful Platinum Suite, the leading multimedia software solution with 7 powerful programs for your digital life. "We are delighted that our license model Nero ...
9 Robolinux 11 Review

Robolinux 11 Review

Review bot-at-large Jonni Bidwell does his damnedest to look past the late 90s-stylings of this project’s website... Read our Robolinux 11 Review. IN BRIEF A nothing if not interesting effort to ease the transition from Windows to Linux. For a ...
10 How To Choose The Best VPN In 2020

How To Choose The Best VPN In 2020

Cybersecurity is always in the news for some reason or other. Right now, it is apps like TikTok that are under the microscope. India has already banned the app, and the US is considering a ban based on security fears. Whether or not a ban is ...
RECOMMENDED 11 Rega io Review – Absolute beginner

Rega io Review – Absolute beginner

Rega's new entry-level amplifier aims to introduce new customers to hi-fi and vinyl replay. Adam Smith gives it the once over. Read our Rega io Review. How we listen to music is becoming more and more diverse, and there are some who question the ...
12 CHORD ELECTRONICS 2GO Review – 2go a go go

CHORD ELECTRONICS 2GO Review – 2go a go go

To accompany their Hugo 2 DAC, Chord Electronics launch the 2go streamer. Noel Keywood investigates. Read our CHORD ELECTRONICS 2GO Review. You’ve bought a Hugo 2 high technology DAC from Chord Electronics, that feeds headphones or a hi-fi. But ...