Dell Inspiron 17 5000 Review

Dell Inspiron 17 5000 Review

Mark enjoys the full resolution potential of Dell’s new 5000 series laptop [wpsm_toplist] [sc name=”ad 2″] DETAILS Manufacturer: Dell Model No. Inspiron 17-5758 Everyone has a laptop size they’re most comfortable with that depends on if they need to carry it places and what exactly they do with theirs. However, the choices have been rather … Read more

Synology DS215+ Review

Synology Ds215 Review

Mark investigates if the DS215+ is the fastest small NAS box yet? Synology’s number versioning isn’t as easy as it once was, since it stopped releasing a baseline year model and then the budget and performance derivatives above and below it. Therefore, with the DS215 range there is no Value Series model, just the budget … Read more

Netgear DGND3700 N600 Review

Netgear N600 Review

Netgear’s networking products range from the cheap and cheerful, through to the more expansive and quite technically brilliant. It’s not a bad position for the company to be in, because even various ISPs use a ‘fixed’ Netgear router. The Netgear DGND3700 N600 is a complete package of a DSL modem and router. It’s a more … Read more

HP Pavilion Mini Desktop Review

Hp Pavilion Mini Desktop Review

HP Pavilion Mini Desktop Review – HP bowl into the small media PC market with the Pavilion Mini Given the power they put in smart TVs these days, I do wonder if the classic media PC is redundant. Nevertheless, lots of hardware makers still produce them. The latest company to be inspired by Intel’s low-power chippery … Read more

Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate Review

Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate Review

A trio of new/upgraded video editing solutions from Pinnacle Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate Review – If you’ve ever dabbled in video editing, you’ll certainly have heard of Pinnacle’s Video Studio, which is now in its 19th edition. Recently updated, the program is available in three versions: Studio, Studio Plus and Studio Ultimate.   This review covers … Read more

Western Digital My Passport X 2TB Review

Western Digital My Passport X 2tb Review

Western Digital My Passport X 2TB Review – Game console owners get a My Passport specifically for them Since it launched them Western Digital has done a roaring trade with its My Passport product range. Starting first with USB 2.0, we’ve since seen a move to USB 3.0 and even Thunderbolt connections. The current range includes … Read more

SAMSUNG C27HG70 Review: Curved QHD monitor

Samsung C27HG70 Review

You can reduce the perceived response time by enabling backlight strobing Samsung hasn’t really been known for its gaming monitors in the past, but it’s aiming to change that perception with its latest line-up. [wpsm_toplist] [sc name=”ad 2″] With a slew of new displays that feature high dynamic range (HDR) support, 144Hz refresh rates, FreeSync … Read more

Acer BE270U Review: Graphics professionals with big screen

Acer Be270u Wqhd Monitor Review

Acer makes plenty of monitors – so many that I found more than 35 of its 27″ displays on one popular online retailer’s pages. [wpsm_toplist] [sc name=”ad 2″] Prices for some of them, so what would possess anyone to pay three times that much for the BE270U? Well, for starters, it has a resolution of … Read more

Trendnet AC750 Review

Trendnet Ac750 Review

Trendnet has stepped up its networking technology product line in recent years to the point where it’s one of the most popular companies for anything related to routing, switching and so on. It’s goes without saying, then, that what the company has to offer in terms of wireless travel accessories is going to be worth … Read more

Venturer BravoWin 10K Review

Mark reviews an inexpensive hybrid design that is surprisingly well featured I’ve yet to be really convinced by hybrid laptop/tablet systems, as these generally seem to offer nothing special either way. However, spending Microsoft Surface levels of cash is one thing, and this the price of the Venturer BravoWin 10K is entirely another. [wpsm_toplist] [sc … Read more

Seagate Personal Cloud 4TB Review

Wpid Seagate2bpersonal2bcloud2b2 Bay2b4tb2bopen.jpg

  Seagate Personal Cloud 4TB Review – Seagate makes a NAS box for those who don’t live and breathe computers. Not everyone wants total control when it comes to personal storage. Many people want a plug-and-play solution with the technical aspect, and the Seagate Personal Cloud is built just for them. Seagate makes the Personal Cloud … Read more