Unetbootin Review

Written by Adam Hunt When I set out to do a review of a new release of an Ubuntu flavor, I download the ISO file, do a SHA256 check on it, and then write ...

What’s eating my storage

Is your SSD getting dangerously full? Darien Graham-Smith explores where all your space has gone – and how to get it back It’s been observed that data ...

Linux distros

Linux distros 1 Trisquel 9.0 Etiona Review Jonni Bidwell is on a brave quest to banish binary blobs from his ...

Best free backup software

Backing up your PC is boring, repetitive, easy to forget and yet one of the most important tasks you should perform regularly. Andy Shaw compares the six best ...

Download old software using BitTorrent

Overcoming her long-held reservations, Jane Hoskyn browses the Internet Archive to... My name is Jane and I am a BitTorrent user. OK, you can unclutch your ...

Junk offender: Win Tonic

It seems that using a cleaning tool on your PC is an increasingly hazardous way to deal with junk files. CCleaner’s descent from brilliant tool to potential ...

GOM Player review

Junk offender: GOM Player I caught the Free YouTube Downloader trying to foist an unwanted video-player program called GOM Player on to my PC. That’s ...

Lesser Known Web Browsers You Should Check Out

We all know about browsers such as IE, Firefox, and Chrome, but there are many more, and some are well worth a look The internet browser is an essential ...

Best free photo-editing apps

If you take photos on your phone, it’s handy to edit them before uploading to the web. Edward Munn tests six of the best free photo-editing apps for enhancing ...

Software you must uninstall NOW

Programs don’t have to be malware to devastate your PC. Jane Hoskyn reveals the software you must remove now – before it turns against you Software. ...

Remembering… Autoexec.bat and Config.sys

David Hayward reflects on the two most important files used in DOS When we recall the DOS days, it’s often with a rose-tinted hue. However, while it was ...

Free Alternatives To Commercial Software

Free Alternatives To Commercial Software If you're on a limited budget or just like free and open-source software, Roland Waddilove has some alternatives ...

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