ENSURE YOUR PC REMAINS IN TIP-TOP SHAPE AND FIGHTING CONDITION WITH THE HELP OF NICK PEERS. Read our PC SERVICE and TUNE-UP GUIDE. All mechanical products require maintenance to keep them running. You get your truck or car serviced at regular intervals to ensure that failing parts are spotted and replaced, while tuning the engine … Read more

Start 11 vs StartAllBack

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The Windows 11 Taskbar and Start menu have been, shall we say, a little divisive. There hasn’t been a storm of complaint like this since the last time Microsoft tried to shake up the way we interact with our computer’s operating system, and while Windows 11 doesn’t make changes to the extent Windows 8 did, … Read more



There’s something rather magical about products that ‘just work’. Smart TVs, speakers with built-in voice assistants and video doorbells all fall into this category. Plug them in, connect them to your Wi-Fi, and you’re ready to go. There’s very little to configure and usually even less to maintain. Read our STOP WI-FI HACKERS. The trouble … Read more

FixWin 11.1 Review

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You can fix many problems with Windows by tweaking the registry or running special commands, but unless you know what you’re doing, you could further mess up your PC. FixWin provides one-click repairs for dozens of common issues and annoyances, in an attractive, easy-to-understand interface, and it works with both Windows 10 and 11. Read … Read more

HOW TO… Reinstall Windows using your Android phone


by Nik Rawlinson What you need: Android phone; Ventoy app; OTG cable; USB stick or external hard drive Time required: One hour We’ve always recommended preparing a USB-based emergency toolkit, from which you can boot and reinstall Windows if your PC suffers a serious corruption. This isn’t an alternative to maintaining regular backups, but a supplement: reinstalling … Read more

Kubuntu 23.04 Review

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Released on 20 April, 2023, Kubuntu 23.04 is the second of three planned interim releases on the way to the next Long Term Support (LTS) version. That release, Kubuntu 24.04 LTS, is due out in April, 2024. Read our Kubuntu 23.04 Review. Written by Adam Hunt This is Kubuntu’s 37th overall release and the 16th one with the Qt-based Plasma 5 … Read more

Top 6 coffee machines: A groovy grind of love

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Avoid the hassle of a traditional coffee maker, and the wastefulness of a capsule-gobbler, with one of these bean-to-cup marvels. It won’t really save you enough for a deposit on a castle, but switching your morning slurp to a home brew will soon pay for itself. The only question is, which machine? What’s the story? The smallest … Read more

Stop Your Laptop Overheating

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There’s much less space in a laptop than in a desktop PC, forcing components closer together and increasing the heat they generate. This can become a severe problem when performing resource-intensive tasks like playing games, sharing files, ripping CDs or streaming TV. Laptop manufacturers use two methods to keep the heat down: passive cooling (reducing … Read more

Run 200 Free Tools From One USB Stick

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What you need: NirLauncher 1.30; a USB flash drive with 128MB or more space Time required: 20 minutes It’s no secret that we at Computeractive love NirSoft’s excellent free tools. Indeed, the developer produces so many great little programs that it’s difficult to single out which ones we like best. Luckily, you can download the whole … Read more