Denon DRA-100 Review

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Expanding its Design Series, Denon adds an all-in-one network receiver to the stylish lineup, and Andrew Everard is impressed Tested Denon’s PMA-50 – the company’s compact amplifier – always had the promise to be the start of something big. Building on the technology of the DA-300USB DAC, it added in amplification and a sleek look … Read more

Canton DM100 Review

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Canton has strengthened its soundbase lineup with a newer, larger model that suits Adrian Justins’ audio ambitions. All soundbases pretend they’re ready for the task of doubling up as a plinth for your flatscreen TV, yet some tend to be quite narrow, making them inelegant – and sometimes impractical – partners for larger-sized screens. The … Read more

DD-WRT: Hack a wireless router

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Router firmware take control of your home router with a custom firmware. Matt Beilby gives a rundown on how to power up the device at the heart of your home network with your very own software. Nowadays a decent router can be relied on to do its own thing without bothering you, making it a … Read more

Ashampoo Music Studio 6 Review

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Ashampoo presents an upgrade to its Music Studio suite This is an update to the Ashampoo’s Music Studio program that I reviewed last year. For those that are not familiar with the product, it’s essentially a collection of associated utilities collated into a main menu. They cover all the essentials from extracting or recording your … Read more

D-Link Viper DSL-2900

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Blistering performance, great designWith D-Link’s Dual-band baby impressing me so much, I was rather excited to see what its latest product could do. Gazing at the high price tag, I immediately assumed this was a Tri-band router, but it turns out I was wrong. D-Link is charging Tri-band prices for this Dual-band router, so it … Read more

Super-Speed Storage

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What’s the best storage option for you? Once upon a time, there was just one simple solution when it came to computer storage. The ever reliable, infallible spinning hard drive. That signature sound of those platters whirring into life undoubtedly roused the spirit of many a gamer, knowing that within mere tens of minutes they … Read more

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NAS drives

Synology Ds216j Review

We test seven network storage drives that can do anything from backing up your PCs to streaming video to your TV Network-attached storage (NAS) drives are so called because they were originally designed to provide storage space for all the devices on your network. Like smartphones, however, NAS drives have moved on to become mini … Read more

Fantastic 4-bay NAS boxes

Asustor As 204t Review

A 4-bay network-attached storage device is the perfect multi-user storage device for today’s busy digital homes or small offices. Nathan Taylor tests 10. A network-attached storage device (NAS) is a wonderful thing. Most people who own a NAS wonder how they ever lived without it. They provide massive amounts of shared storage, as well as … Read more

Synology DS216Play Review

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Synology’s new ‘Play’ brings even more decoding options to those that need them Synology first launched a ‘Play’ model back in their x14 series, it was a dual drive NAS box that used the Intel Atom CE5335mm – the same chip that ended up in its four-drive DS415Play a year later. Their new DS216Play goes … Read more

Lenovo ThinkStation P410 Review – Decent all round workstation in terms of performance

Lenovo Thinkstation P410 Workstation (intel Xeon E5 1620 Quad Core,3.6ghz; 8gb Ram; 256gb Ssd; Nvidia K1200; Windows 10 Pro)

Lenovo acquired IBM’s personal computer business in 2005, and the company’s ThinkStation workstations still show the design heritage. The Lenovo Thinkstation P410 Review is a single socket workstation. It may not have quite the custom design of Lenovo’s higher-end models, but components in the expansion slots and drive bays can readily be replaced by pressing … Read more