PNY XLR8 CS2111 240GB

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We’re always on the lookout for a good solid-state drive. Whether it’s booting Windows in a snap, accessing files with little to no wait time, or quickly jumping into the action of our favorite games, nothing raises PC quality of life quite like an SSD. PNY’s family of XLR8 CS2111 drives promises to be the … Read more

D-Link Viper DSL-2900

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Blistering performance, great designWith D-Link’s Dual-band baby impressing me so much, I was rather excited to see what its latest product could do. Gazing at the high price tag, I immediately assumed this was a Tri-band router, but it turns out I was wrong. D-Link is charging Tri-band prices for this Dual-band router, so it … Read more

ASUS RT-AC3200 Review

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Bristling with more antennae than an Air Warfare Destroyer, with a whopping six in total, this is one seriously aggressive router. It’s also one of the most expensive Tri-band routers around, and when combined with the fact that ASUS routers have historically performed well, my hopes were high indeed. Sadly it didn’t turn in quite … Read more

Remembering… Windows NT 4.0

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One of David Hayward’s Microsoft operating systems gets a look in this week. [wpsm_toplist] Mention Windows Me, Vista, Windows 8 or whatever to most users of technology, and you’ll probably get one of ‘those looks’, a kind of cross between don’t remind me of that and utter disgust.Granted, Microsoft has come up with a few … Read more

Our guide to OpenCandy

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One name that frequently crops up as a PUP (potentially unwanted program) is OpenCandy, although its makers strongly deny that it’s malware. David Crookes takes a closer look OpenCandy ( is an advertising plug-in that many software developers now include within their installers. It allows them to recommend other developers’ tools during the installation process, … Read more

Wysiwyg Web Builder 10.3.3 Review

Wysiwyg Web Builder 10 Review

Don’t be constrained by website templates. Create a site any Roland Waddilove explores its capabilities. Read our wysiwyg web builder 10 review Required spec Windows XP or later, 1GB RAM, 1GHZ processor, 16MB disk space. There are three ways to build a website: you can use a content management system such as WordPress, you can create … Read more

Samsung D3 Station Review

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The D3 Station range from Samsung is a little misleading. Although it clearly states Samsung on the top of the drive and on the box too, the D3 Station range of external drives are actually manufactured by Seagate.The issue of joint ownership when it comes to support of a product is one that often rears … Read more

DrawPlus X8 Review

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Serif rolls out its latest version of DrawPlus X8 Review for desktop designers The name DrawPlus pretty much sums up what this product is all about, because it’s not your normal illustration program; it’s much more than that. Combining traditional vector based drawing tools, with art style brushes, photo editing and animation, it’s more like … Read more

WD Elements 5TB Review

Western Digital Elements 5 Tb External Hard Drive Wdbwlg0050hbk Nesn

We couldn’t do a group test of external hard drives without at least one appearance from Western Digital. The company seems to release a new external drive model every ten minutes, and it’s quite a chore trying to keep up with what’s new. More to the fact, the previous models are generally of such a … Read more

Asus BW-12D1S-U External Drive

DETAILS •    Manufacturer Asus •    Required spec USB 2.0/3.0 port Windows, Linux, Mac USB enabled TV. Where the traditional manufactures have opted for a classic optical drive design, Asus has decided to go one better when it comes to producing an external Blu-ray drive. [wpsm_toplist] The Asus BW-12D1S-U is a startling looking drive that’s close … Read more