eScan Internet Security Suite Review

Escan Internet Security Suite For Home Users 3 Users 1 Year

Roland Waddilove puts his PC’s security in eScan’s hands When you think of the top antivirus and security companies, eScan is probably not among the names that come to mind. However, the company has a range of products from the basic eScan Antivirus to the top of the range eScan Universal Security Suite. On test … Read more

Libratone Zipp Review

Wpid Libratone2bzipp.jpg

Libratone is back once again with a new and upgraded edition to its previous Zipp line of Bluetooth speakers. We’ll get the Sonos comparisons out of the way early and state that the Libratone actually has a few unique features that put it ahead of the competition. Firstly, it does not require a power outlet … Read more

Synology DS216Play Review

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Synology’s new ‘Play’ brings even more decoding options to those that need them Synology first launched a ‘Play’ model back in their x14 series, it was a dual drive NAS box that used the Intel Atom CE5335mm – the same chip that ended up in its four-drive DS415Play a year later. Their new DS216Play goes … Read more

Sennheiser RS 175 Wireless Headphones Review

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If you were to ask us about gaming headsets, we wouldn’t be able to give you a definitive answer as to what they really are. Essentially, they’re just headphones with a mic attached, and usually, it’s a pretty bad mic at that. Instead, what we tend to do is focus on getting a really good … Read more

Super-Speed Storage

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What’s the best storage option for you? Once upon a time, there was just one simple solution when it came to computer storage. The ever reliable, infallible spinning hard drive. That signature sound of those platters whirring into life undoubtedly roused the spirit of many a gamer, knowing that within mere tens of minutes they … Read more

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Ubuntu 15.10 Review (aka Wiley Werewolf) Desktop and Server

Ubuntu 15 10 Dash

The project hosts test builds that let you preview Unity 8 atop Ubuntu 15.10.

Mayank Sharma runs through everything you need to know to get productive with the latest Ubuntu release.

Ben Everard’s purple werewolf costume left some people confused at Halloween.

Fire up Ubuntu 15.10 desktop and you could be forgiven for thinking you’re running 15.04, or 14.10. Not much has changed in quite some time. There’s a purple-ish geometric background, a set of blocky icons on the left-hand side and the same Unity experience that you’ll either love or hate. As you’d expect, Werewolf comes with the latest upstream software, but otherwise, there’s no reason to upgrade.


Let’s now move swiftly on to the Server edition of Ubuntu 15.10, where there are some pretty big changes afoot. The biggest of which is the new OpenStack installer (Autopilot). It’s a little bit of a shame that in 2015 an easy installer for software can be considered a feature. However, OpenStack isn’t an easy system to set up, and having a simple path to running a private cloud will make Ubuntu a much more attractive option for people taking their first foray into this system.

LXD, Canonical’s container management tool, is now shipped by default. This isn’t a huge change, since LXD has already been available for some time, but by pushing it into every installation, Canonical is trying to get people into its own tool rather than alternatives such as Docker.

Users with heavy network loads may be interested to see the inclusion of the Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) in the latest version of Ubuntu. This set of drivers and libraries enables users to handle network packets far more quickly than with traditional kernel drivers.

Like all regular versions of Ubuntu, 15.10 will only be supported for nine months, which isn’t long enough for many organisations. However, these new technologies are a show of strength from Canonical six months before the release of the next LTS version (which will be supported for five years). If the new technologies prove to be stable, it will pave the way for the next release (16.04) to further cement Ubuntu’s position as the leading OS for modern data centres.

Ubuntu still includes online results in local searches, but it's easy to disable if you want to increase your privacy.
Ubuntu still includes online results in local searches, but it’s easy to disable if you want to increase your privacy.

Not much new on the desktop, but a strong sign of things to come in Ubuntu server.


Developer Canonical

Licence Various free software licences

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Asus ROG Swift PG27AQ Review

Asus has one of the widest ranges of adaptive-sync displays on the market, catering for both C-Sync and FreeSync, for users of Nvidia and AMD CPUs respectively. Their general high quality has impressed us in previous reviews, and they’ve also come packed with features, including flexible stands that pivot, rotate and tilt, as well as … Read more

Opera 33 review

What you need: Windows XP, Vista, 7,8/8.1 or 10 Opera may not be as well-known as other browsers like Firefox and Chrome, but it offers similar features, such as extensions, cross-device syncing, and apps for your tablet and phone (there are various versions of the Opera app for Android, iOS and Windows). But it’s also … Read more

HP Colour LaserJet Pro M252dw Review

Hp Colour Laserjet Pro M252dw Review 1.jpg

Colour Laser Printers HP Colour LaserJet Pro M252dw DETAILS • Manufacturer: HP • Website: Requirements: Windows, Windows Server, Mac OS X, Linux With the vast range of HP printers available, it can become a little hard to track down the latest offerings from the various ranges the company has to offer. From the point … Read more

Brother HL-3170CDW Review

Brother Hl 3170cdw Review 1.jpg

Colour Laser Printers Brother HL-3170CDW DETAILS • Manufacturer: Brother • Website: •  Requirements: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Server versions of OSs This Brother HL-3170CDW is a reasonably compact printer that’s aimed at small, busy offices or homes, where the users need lots of connectivity and reliability. It would just be another bland- looking … Read more

HP Officejet Pro 6830 Review

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For the busy office… if you’re patient. Marketing a computer product? Want to charge more for it? Don’t bother making it work better – just write ‘Pro’ after the name! It’s a useful tip that HP long ago took to heart with its Officejet Pro printer series. This time, though, it’s forgotten to bump up … Read more