WD Blue SN500 NVMe 500GB Review

Wd Blue Sn500 Nvme 500gb Review

Up to this point, M.2 SSDs have tended to be in one of two categories: expensive NVMe models or cheaper SATA ones. The WD Blue SN500, though, is a genuine halfway house. It offers a meaningful upgrade over SATA drives but is only a little more expensive. This 500GB version offers sequential read speeds of up … Read more

Samsung 970 Evo Review: Not so fast

Samsung 970 Evo 500gb Nvme Pcie M.2 2280 Ssd (mz V7e500bw)

Samsung’s 860 SSDs, in ‘black slab’ 2.5in SATA housings, have become a popular choice for PC builds. The 970 replaces a different animal, the 960 family of NVMe drives, made for the M.2 slots on recent motherboards. As such, it comes as a small printed circuit board (PCB) and promises much faster operation. We’ve seen … Read more

Intel Optane SSD 800p 118GB Review

Intel Optane Ssd 800p 118gb Review

Intel Optane SSD 800p 118GB – 3D XPoint memory hits the mainstream. Ten times the data density, 1,000 times faster, 1,000 times better endurance. All of this and more Intel claimed three years ago for its revolutionary 3D XPoint non-volatile memory tech, now branded Optane. Those claims were made in comparison to the nonvolatile memory tech that … Read more

Samsung SSD 960 Evo 500GB Review

Samsung 960 Evo Series 500gb Pcie Nvme M.2 Internal Ssd (mz V6e500bw)

Last issue we Looked at Samsung’s new 960 Pro drives and concluded they were amazingly fast, but overkill for most people, especially for the price. However, Samsung’s new 960 Evo looks set to provide very similar performance for a far more sensible price. Like the 960 Pro drives, the Evo drives are M.2 NVMe drives, … Read more

Samsung 960 Pro M.2 2TB Review – The best just got better

Samsung 960 Pro Series 2tb Pcie Nvme M.2 Internal Ssd (mz V6p2t0bw)

When solid-state drives first arrived, there was much rejoicing. Surely, the PC had crossed the final frontier. All mechanical devices could finally be banished, and with them any performance bottlenecks. The PC’s work was done. But it hasn’t quite worked out like that. The first consumer SSDs had some serious performance flaws. Once those were … Read more

Samsung 960 EVO M.2 NVMe 256GB Review

Samsung 950 Pro Series 256gb Pcie Nvme M.2 Internal Ssd (mz V5p256bw)

Samsung makes the move to NVMe affordable with the 960 EVO A few weeks ago, I covered the Samsung 960 PRO in all its NVMe goodness, but by SSD standards that enhanced speed can come at a high price. As with most parts in the PC world, you can get silly performance with unlimited funds, or … Read more

Samsung 960 Pro 1TB review

Samsung 960 Pro Series 1tb Pcie Nvme M.2 Internal Ssd (mz V6p1t0bw)

Samsung makes some scorching hot hardware, but not in the Galaxy Note 7 way Dо you recall when the PC transitioned from IDE to SATA? Then most motherboards came with both ports, and I recall looking at IDE and wondering why they still existed. SATA was so superior that, other than for legacy reasons, IDE … Read more

Samsung SSD960 Pro and 960 Evo review – Ultimate SSD speed

Samsung 960 Pro Series 512gb Pcie Nvme M.2 Internal Ssd (mz V6p512bw)

Samsung created a splash last year with its 950 Pro SSDs. Using the latest NVMe protocol over PCI-E 3, they brought unprecedented performance for the money. Thanks to the tiny M.2 form factor, they could also bring that performance to desktops and laptops alike. A year later, the 950 Pro range still reigns supreme, but … Read more

SanDisk X400 128GB Review

Sandisk Sd8sn8u 128g 1122 X400 M.2 Ssd 128gb

SanDisk X400 128GB Review • Requirements: M.2, SATA 6Gbps connection on your motherboard Our third M.2 SSD is the entry-level model from the SanDisk X400 range, which includes capacities from 128GB up to an impressive 1TB in both M.2 and standard 2.5″ forms. This multi-layer TLC NAND (single-sided) memory device features a Marvell 88SS1074-BSW2 controller and … Read more