WD 2TB My Passport Ultra Review

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A reasonably priced, and sizeable backup solution This is the seventh generation of the popular My Passport Ultra product range, Western Digital has kept the line going for quite some time now, and it shows no signs of getting long in the tooth either. With a redesigned USB 3.0 bus powered interface and a flashy … Read more

Xara Designer Pro X11 Review

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The latest update to Xara’s high end product, Designer Pro X11Xara are one of the oldest software developers in the UK; starting in 1981 it has been responsible for some very innovative software, mainly in the realm of graphics. This latest product Designer Pro X11 is the culmination of its work in this field. Combining … Read more

BT Dual Band WiFi Extender 610 Review

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Checks out BT’s own-branded ‘n’ class wifi extender. Read our BT Dual Band WiFi Extender 610 Review. Having covered BT-branded gear recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that it avoids the bleeding edge of technology, because that invariably generates support problems. That reluctance, in a nutshell, defines this relatively inexpensive wifi Extender. [sc name=”Youtube”] See also: ASUS … Read more

Philips Brilliance 288P6

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Philips Brilliance 288P6 4K Monitors DETAILS • Manufacturer: Philips •  Requirements: GPU capable of hitting 4K resolutions, Only a VGA cable supplied so you’ll need HDMI or DisplayPort The Philips P-line of monitors caters for professionals and workplaces. CAD use, picture and video editing and other such uses are the order of the day here. … Read more

Dell UP2414Q

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Dell UP2414Q DETAILS • Manufacturer: Dell • Requirements: GPU capable of handling 4K resolutions, both HDMI and DisplayPorts cables needed as nothing The familiar sight of a Dell monitor Considering the amount you’re paying, you don’t get a very good monitor in return Dell was one of the first companies to launch a 4K monitor on … Read more

Remembering… Autoexec.bat and Config.sys

David Hayward reflects on the two most important files used in DOS When we recall the DOS days, it’s often with a rose-tinted hue. However, while it was less complicated than a modern operating system, it wasn’t quite as straight forward as we often give it credit for. For one, getting a game to work … Read more

HP Officejet Pro 8610 e-All-in-One Review

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Mark is pleasantly surprised by a budget office printer from HP Having seen a slew of multifunction printers recently, I’ve realized that the differences between them often come down to daily running cost, and not initially outlay. That’s critical in the typical small office scenario, because a low print volume printer can get a sudden … Read more

MSI A88X-G45 Gaming Review

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One of the main benefits of an APU system is its potentially small size, so full-sized ATX Socket FM2+ motherboards such as MSI‘s A88X-G45 Gaming often seem like a bit of a contradiction. However, there’s a few reasons to consider this particular board. Firstly, it has some of the best power circuitry cooling of any … Read more

The Future of the GPU

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Future of gpu – It could be the perfect time to upgrade your current graphics card, but what do you need to prepare for the GPU future? The graphics card is the component most responsible for PC gaming performance. Above everything else in your PC. You could have the most powerful, octo-core Haswell-E CPU in your … Read more

Hardening your VPN

When it comes to network security, using a VPNs service is a very good start. But it’s not perfect. VPNs by default provide excellent security and anonymity, but that doesn’t mean they’re uncrackable. If you want to be truly secure, there’s more you can do. There isn’t just one type of VPN. There are actually … Read more