Brother DS 920dw Review – Have scanner, will travel… and scan, probably

Brother DS 920dw – Have scanner, will travel… and scan, probably

The Brother DS 920dw is a scanner that offers double-sided document scanning and its own wireless network functionality hence the ‘DW’ part of its model number. Unlike more familiar flatbed scanners that reside on desktops, either as standalone devices or part of a multi-function product, the Brother DS 920dw is a page scanner that has been designed to be portable for those whose workplace is on the move.

Brother DS 920dw Review


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This kerbstone-shaped scanner, white in color, can be powered direct from a computer or the mains using a supplied micro-to-standard USB lead, or from a replaceable Li-ion battery pack. The battery slots into a compartment located on the right side of the scanner, where you will also find a switch to turn off the unit’s wi-fi feature. The USB lead is used to charge the battery pack from a connection on the left side of the scanner.

To be scanned, documents need to be fed into an opening at the front of the unit. This opening features a paper guide which can be adjusted to the paper size markings, which vary from business card up to A4. The scanned document is then ejected from the rear of the unit. It would have been beneficial if there had been a support arm to help keep the documents under control and stop them being scattered around, though.Conveniently positioned at the top right of the scanner – at least for those of us who are right handed – is the unit’s control panel. A 2cm LCD monochrome screen provides status and settings feedback. Arranged below the screen are buttons to toggle between color and monochrome, single and double sided scanning, plus a choice of PDF or JPG formats. There are also buttons for power, selection, and menu options plus a wi-fi LED to indicate wi-fi activity.

Although the DS-920DW does not have any built-in capacity for storing its scans, it does feature an SD card slot, which can be used for this function. Brother has included a 4GB SDHC card in the package for your initial needs; any replacement card will need to be formatted using one of the options available from the Menu.

When scanning documents the DS-920DW gives you a choice of modes. As mentioned, documents can be scanned and stored on an SD card. You can also connect this scanner to a computer and use software provided on a DVD to send scans to a hard drive or direct to an application such as an email client, printer or FTP server. Plus there is the scanner’s wireless network capability, which will need to be turned off when using the unit with a computer.

The Brother DS 920dw can become the hub for a wireless network to which you can connect devices such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone using standard conventions. Using the browser on the connected device you will be able to log into the scanner’s website – protected by a user name and password – in order to access the scans stored on the SD card. You can also use this website to make adjustments to various settings and set up a BOL (Brother Online) account, which offers a mixture of free and paid services including Cloud storage. Michael Fereday

A useful scanning tool for the road warrior.

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