Synology Ds220j review

Synology Ds220j Review 1.jpg

Despite a relentless upgrade schedule a few years ago, we haven’t seen a new entry-level two-bay NAS from Synology for a while. The DS218j was the last NAS from the company we reviewed, which was released in early 2018. it’s still a fantastic NAS and noticeably quicker than the DS216j in a couple of tests, … Read more

Synology DS119J Review: Syn of the times

Synology Ds119j Review

Martin Pipe reckons that Synology’s DS119j budget NAS could revolutionise your viewing habits – but you’ll need to add your own HDD [wpsm_toplist] [sc name=”Youtube”] WE ARE GETTING used to the idea of cloud storage thanks to online services like Google Drive, Dropbox and iCloud. Accessing your data from anywhere, on any device, is attractive. … Read more

QNAP TS-453Be Review

Qnap Ts 453be Review

A versatile high-end NAS for the home or small office says Lindsay Handmer. And who are we to disagree? [wpsm_toplist] [sc name=”Youtube”] Specs OS: QTS 4.3.4 CPU: Intel Celeron J3455 quad-core 1.5GHz GPU: Intel HD Graphics 500 Mem: 2GB (up to 8GB), 2x SoDIMMs Bays: 4x 3.5/2.5-inch SATA 6Gb/s Comms: 2x Gigabit LAN Ports: 5x … Read more

How to fix Synology’s Blue Led of Death

“After some 10 minutes it was clear that whatever was happening with the original unit was happening here’’ JON HONEYBALL A blue light of death causes problems in Jon’s much-loved synology NAS drive, while a pair of smart earphones prove not to be so smart after all [wpsm_toplist] I know we’ve all heard of Blue … Read more

Buffalo LinkStation 520DE Review

Buffalo Ls520de Eu Linkstation 520d 2 Bay Desktop Nas Enclosure

Buffalo LinkStation 520DE Review Storage with access all areas Aimed at home users, this network- attached storage (NAS) box is about as affordable as they come. For £ you get two 1TB hard drives already installed, giving you 1TB of storage space if you set it up in a sensible RAID 1 configuration, which backs … Read more


Synology 2 Bay Nas Diskstation Ds218 (diskless)

ALL THE SOFTWARE FEATURES OF A HIGH-END NAS AT AN ATTRACTIVE, ENTRY-LEVEL PRICE Where there used to be a gulf in capabilities between your basic, budget two-bay NAS and the all-singing, all-dancing appliances, it’s one that’s being bridged by models such as the Synology DS218. $ buys you a speedy two-bay NAS with all the … Read more

TerraMaster F4-420 Review

Terramaster F4 420 Review

Powerful NAS hardware that needs a better software platform TerraMaster’s F4-220 is a 4-bay Network Attached Storage (NAS) device that’s ideal for home or small business use, or at least it would be, if it didn’t have some serious shortcomings in its software platform. [sc name=”Youtube”] Table of ContentsDesignSpecificationsPerformanceSummaryVerdictKEY FEATURES Design The appearance of the … Read more

Buffalo LinkStation 441 Review

Buffalo Technology Linkstation 441 4bay Nas Empty Enclosure Usb

Buffalo LinkStation 441 – Michael goes buffalo hunting with a NAS box Buffalo has released its LinkStation 441 NAS 4-bay desktop unit, which is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platforms. Aimed at small business and home office users, this NAS box is available as a diskless product or with a storage capacity of up … Read more

Synology DS215+ Review

Synology Ds215 Review

Mark investigates if the DS215+ is the fastest small NAS box yet? Synology’s number versioning isn’t as easy as it once was, since it stopped releasing a baseline year model and then the budget and performance derivatives above and below it. Therefore, with the DS215 range there is no Value Series model, just the budget … Read more


Synology Ds218j Review

SYNOLOGY DS218J Review –  A very well-featured, two-disk, nas device that offers respectable performance all houses in a cheapo box It won’t take you long to figure out that Synology’s new DS218j lies at the budget end of its NAS range. The white plastic box literally slides apart giving you access to internals that allow for … Read more


Synology Diskstation Ds118 Review

SYNOLOGY DS118 Review – A SINGLE BAY. ARM BASED NAS WITH THE USUAL QUALITY AS EXPECTED FROM SYNOLOGY The DS118 is a mid-range ARM based NAS, which means it’s cheaper to make, uses less electricity (a meagre 9.4W when accessed, 4.22W when idle) and generates less heat, but is generally less powerful than an Intel CPU based … Read more