DALI Zensor Pico 5.1 Review

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Pico is a scaled-down version of DALI’s impressive Zensor 1 standmount, cramming the same driver technology into a box that’s around 30 per cent smaller. With its dinky dimensions and attractive design, it could be a good bet if you want to squeeze a full 5.1 system into a small or medium-sized living room. Two … Read more

Spendor D1 Review

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The D1 is beautifully finished in a dark wood veneer, and the crisp lines, perfect joints and attractively crafted binding posts all speak of attention to detail and a certain tactile quality. And yet, at least at face value, it seems an unremarkable design – just another face in the two-way speaker crowd. Snap off … Read more

Piega Classic 5.0 Review

Piega Classic 5 0 Review

If you think Switzerland is all watches and Toblerone,  here’s an elegant floorstander to change your mind Swiss brand Piega has been in business for 30 years but has only now officially come to the UK, enlisting a number of specialist audio retailers to demo its wares. The regular Classic 5.0 tower will set you … Read more

Acoustic Energy AE1 Review

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Acoustic Energy AE1 Active loudspeaker by Alan Sircom The Acoustic Energy AE1 is a long-standing fixture in the British audio firmament. The standmount loudspeaker has been around in some guise or another since 1987. We tested the AE1 Classic way back in Issue 51, and it had already been around for decades then. It’s been … Read more

DALI Rubicon 6 Review

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DALI does things a little differently and this luxury floorstander cuts to the musical chase. David Vivian takes a listen Loudspeakers come in all shapes and sizes but there seems to be a point along the size versus price axis where the usual hi-fi considerations simply fade away. By this I mean you begin to … Read more

Focal Maestro Utopia Evo floorstanding loudspeaker

Focal Maestro Utopia Evo Floorstanding Loudspeaker

Focal Maestro Utopia Evo floorstanding loudspeaker by Roy Gregory In a world where fashions and faces change with alarming regularity, Focal’s distinctive Utopia series loudspeakers are about as close to a permanent fixture as you can get. Of course, there have been massive evolutionary strides made since their launch in 1995, each family marked by … Read more