Buffalo LinkStation 520DE Review

Buffalo LinkStation 520DE Review

Storage with access all areas

Aimed at home users, this network- attached storage (NAS) box is about as affordable as they come. For £ you get two 1TB hard drives already installed, giving you 1TB of storage space if you set it up in a sensible RAID 1 configuration, which backs up all your data for peace of mind. If you need more space, prices ramp up steadily to £ for two 4TB drives.

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Cheap home-based storage that does the jobs most will want

This low price means you get neither the expandable range of features you’d expect in a more expensive NAS, from the likes of Synology or Qnap, nor the simple setup of a shiny consumer model such as WD’s My Cloud. That’s not necessarily a problem. Buffalo’s configuration web page is the kind of Linux based interface you’d find on high-end techie devices, but because there are fewer options there’s not too much cause for confusion. If you’ve ever set up file sharing in Windows or configured a Wi-Fi router, it shouldn’t be too daunting.

Although the LinkStation doesn’t offer fancy online media streaming options or a choice of extra apps to install, the basics you’d need from a network file server are all covered.

You can set up permissions for several users, while access from Windows, Mac and Linux systems is supported.

Also, the LinkStation can stream media to DLNA boxes (to watch content from your PC on your living room TV, for example), act as an iTunes server, and back up five PCs using the supplied NovaBackup software.

Like any good modern NAS. the LinkStation also gives you secure remote access to all your files from PCs and iOS and Android devices. As Buffalo points out, this is the best of both worlds when it comes to online storage: you can gel at your stuff from anywhere, but it’s still on your own hardware in your home, not entrusted to a server in Silicon Valley The downside, of course, is that if anything happens to your hardware your data is gone, but using a drive that’s separate from your PC and set up as a mirrored RAID should at least improve your odds.


2x 3.5in SATA drive bays • 1GHz Realtek dual-core processor • 256 MB memory • USB 3.0 port • Gigabit Ethernet port • 126x87x205mm (HxWxD) • Two-year warranty


Simple, compact and energy- efficient, this is a good NAS for many purposes at a very reasonable price

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Simple, compact and energy- efficient, this is a good NAS for many purposes at a very reasonable price

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