Razer Opus X Review

NOT LONG AGO, we had Razer’s Opus headset in for review and we were impressed with the company’s first attempt at breaking into the lifestyle audio market. The ANC headset was a premium pair for a first-time effort, but it did come with a hefty $ price tag. For Razer’s second release, the price has been slashed in half for this ‘lite’ version, making the new Razer Opus X potentially more inviting. So, what has been sacrificed to make this cut and is it a more sensible purchase?


There is one immediate change that you’ll probably have noticed, a baby pink color scheme, though Razer calls it quartz. The other options are green, which is equally as bold, or they also come in mercury which is probably the most sensible selection. Although the original pair had a special BAPE edition, the only other color choice was black, so a bit of a change here. Other than the vibrant new colors, the new Opus X is not THX-certified, so it ditches the logo on the earcups. Also, the Razer logo itself is now the same color as the body, giving a more minimal look to the design.

Another change is what comes with the headsets. With the original pair, you got a carrying case, 3.5mm cable, USB-A to USB-C cable, and an airplane headphone adapter. With the Opus X, you don’t get the carrying case, 3.5mm cable, or the airplane adapter. This headset ditches the analog connectivity and is Bluetooth only, so no need for the excess cables here. Of course, the more connectivity options the better, but we have to keep the price tag in mind.

A few things remain from the original Opus, including the solid build quality and layout. The right earcup has all the functionality, featuring the power button, indicator light, volume up and down buttons, and a playback button. The power button doubles as an active noise-cancellation cycle button to choose different levels of ANC.

It still features a gaming mode, but now with a lower latency speed of 60ms. In day-to-day life, this will be a more appropriate feature to use when watching movies than gaming. Although you could use the Opus X for gaming, a regular headset with a designated gaming mic would be more appropriate. The mic on the headphones is usable for phone calls or mobile gaming, but it isn’t the clearest or most polished. If you need to go down the gaming route, Razer certainly has better-focused headsets in its lineup.

We found the original pair were comfortable but these are even better. The cushions in the earcups are slightly plusher and although they weigh the same, the Opus X feels a little lighter on the head. That means they are great for long usage, just what you’d hope for with a lifestyle pair of headphones.

Although the headphones are no longer THX-certified, there is little noticeable difference in sound quality between the new and old pairs. Considering the big price cut, this is a great advantage for the Opus X. The cans produce a similarly rich and balanced sound with plenty of clarity in the high-end. The difference is that the bass seems to be a little stronger. At times, it is a little overwhelming, but for more EDM-style music it can certainly pump out some surprising power.

Combined with an ANC function that carries over from the originals, this pair of headphones is a great addition to your day-to-day life. It does a great job of blocking out background noise, keeping you focused and immersed in your own world. We can’t ignore the price and in this case, it’s very good for this particular version, but that makes it harder to justify the original more expensive pair. The price cut doesn’t sacrifice the battery either with an impressive run time of up to 30 hours with ANC and up to a whopping 40 hours without it.

We’d recommend the more subtle white/silver ‘mercury’ model, but if you don’t care about that, you will be more than delighted with the new bold pink and green options Razer offers. Ultimately, if you are after a high-end-sounding pair of lifestyle headphones with a cheaper price tag and can settle for the single Bluetooth connectivity, the Opus X offers great bang for your buck.


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