LG 34UC88 Review

LG 34UC88 Review – LG is known more for its range of TVs than its monitors. Historically, the company’s range of monitors have always felt a little drab next to similar priced and specified screens. However, this may all change with the 34UC88. Read our LG 34UC88 Review

The LG 34UC88 is a large 34“ IPS monitor with a resolution of 3440 x 1440 and a screen curvature of 1900R.


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It has a dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1, typical brightness of 330cd/m2 and is FreeSync enabled.

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LG 34UC88 Review

Connectivity is very good, with a pair of HDMI ports, DisplayPort, two USB 3.0 ports and optical out, all of which are located in a vertical panel next to the large monitor arm. There’s a reasonably high degree of ergonomics; the monitor can tilt from -5° to 20°, and you can adjust the height to a maximum of 120mm.

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As for the image quality, the LG 34UC88 doesn’t disappoint. It offers a remarkably clear and sharp image, and the colors are vibrant and deep, with good black levels too. LG has improved the image by including a Black Stabiliser and a Dynamic Action Sync feature that lessens the lag time. There are also various game modes available, which brighten or increase the color levels, depending on the genre of the game: FPS, RTS and so on. In our tests, we found the custom levels to be more than adequate across all games, videos, images and standard desktop duties.

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It is a big monitor to have on your desk, but the 21:9 ultrawide aspect means you can comfortably have a couple of desktop instances opened up without too much loss of content. LG has even included a screen split mode, whereby you can opt for two side-by-side screens (internet and Word, for example) or a three-screen or even four-screen split. While the two-screen split works well, the three and four split screens do feel rather cramped, even on a monitor of this size.

The LG 34UC88’s screen quality is excellent. Connectivity is good too, but too expensive

As you can imagine, the LG 34UC88 isn’t cheap. However, although expensive, it’s still a little cheaper than the BenQ and Philips models and. what’s more, the image quality is significantly better.

The LG 34UC88 has changed our minds with regards to LG monitors not performing as well as its TVs. It’s a great-looking monitor, with plenty of features and an excellent display, but at quite a cost. If you’re up for spending that much, though, you’re better off with the LG 34UC88 than most of the other screens in this group test.

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We were quite impressed with the LG 34UC88. Although it’s going to set you back, it’s the best of the 30-plus-inch curved monitors available.

It offers plenty of connectivity, and the screen image is excellent.

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