Huawei WiFi Mesh 7 Review

Chinese firm Huawei has launched two new mesh Wi-Fi systems: this WiFi Mesh 7 kit and the more affordable WiFi Mesh 3, which we’ll review in our next issue. We’ve chosen to review the Mesh 7 first because it’s faster and more powerful. We’ll reveal which offers the best value for money once we’ve seen what the Mesh 3 can do. Read our Huawei WiFi Mesh 7 Review.

Huawei WiFi Mesh 7 Review

This model is a pack of two fairly large units 221mm tall. They’re easy to connect to, with a WPS button on the front, an NFC pad on the top (for wirelessly connecting Android phones), and four Gigabit Ethernet sockets around the back (pictured below).

Each unit houses three Wi-Fi 6 radios, consisting of one 2.4GHz and two 5GHz transmitters, one rated up to 1.2Gbps and the other 4.8Gbps. This tri-band technology allows the units to send data between themselves over a dedicated channel without affecting the performance of the main network.

Wireless performance is pretty good. After setting up the two units in suitable locations in our test house, we could download files at impressively consistent speeds. We measured an average of 34MB/s in our kitchen, 35MB/s in our living room and bathroom, and 38MB/s in our bedroom. In the study, where the main mesh unit was located, the rate leaped up to 59MB/s.

Huawei WiFi Mesh 7 Review

“Offers consistently high speeds across the entire house”

There are faster mesh systems out there. The TP-Link Deco X90 provided over 60MB/s in every room. Still, it’s significantly more expensive at £. We’ve seen similar top speeds from cheaper dual-band mesh routers, such as the Netgear Orbi RBK352, but its speeds aren’t as consistent across the entire house.

The WiFi Mesh 7’s network can be managed via an app or a web portal. The web interface is clean and clearly laid out. The app, by contrast, feels thrown together, with inconsistent graphics across different pages and a confusing structure.

One feature of the software that we particularly like is its band-splitting tools. Most mesh systems merge all the radios under a single name, so you can’t choose which network to send devices to. This lets you give each one a different name, providing more options regarding which network you join.



Tri-band 2.4GHz/5GHz • Wi-Fi 6 • 4x Gigabit Ethernet (per unit) • 221x76x150mm • 895g (per unit) • Twoyear warranty



10 Total Score
Huawei WiFi Mesh 7 Review

An excellent two-unit mesh router that provides consistent Wi-Fi speeds across your entire house

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TP-Link Deco X90

This two-unit mesh kit can provide faster speeds, but it’s significantly more expensive.

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