Download and write a Windows ISO

Download and write a Windows ISO

Rufus lets you create boo-table USB flash drives, so you can to download a Windows ISO direct, so you install a Windows or Linux operating system on multiple don’t have to rummage through the computers. We last looked at this speedy tool in issue Microsoft website or use tricksy 454 (, but the latest update adds the ability workarounds to get a copy of the OS.

Rufus: | 10 mins | Windows 8.1,10

1 To run Rufus 3.5, search in the Start bar for the desktop app. Device 1 lists all inserted USB drives and ‘Boot selection’ 2 contains your Operating System choices. Choose ‘Show advanced drive properties’ to force Rufus to display USB hard drives, 3 if that’s your target save destination.

Previously, Rufus asked you to download the Windows ISO from Microsoft in advance (available from, then run the tool. Now, you can just click the drop-down menu to the right of ‘Boot selection’ 1 By default, this reads Select; you should change it to Download. 2

Click Download again – the word, 1 not the downward-­facing arrow. A pop-up opens asking which ISO image you want to download.2 In this latest version of Rufus, clicking the drop-down arrow offers two options: Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. Make your choice and click Continue. 3

4   A fresh drop-down menu is added, which lets you decide which release build or version of Windows you need 1 – useful if a Microsoft update bricks your computer.

The latest version sits at the top 2 with older releases below. 3 Select the one you want, then click Continue.

5 The next drop-down menu lets you specify the Windows edition you want – for example, Home, Pro or Education, 1 Click Continue and select your preferred language for the OS 2 and the system’s architecture (x86 for 32-bit or x64 for 64-bit). 3 Tick ‘Download using a browser’, if you wish. 4

6  Finally, click Download. 1 File Explorer appears, so point the tool at the target destination and press Save. Rufus is best used with a USB drive, but the ISO can also be downloaded to your hard drive – the status bar shows its progress. 2 Click Cancel 3 to halt the process if you want.

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