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Linux distros
Lubuntu 20.10 Review

Lubuntu 20.10 was released on 22 October, 2020 and marks the beginning of the development cycle that will lead to the next long term support (LTS) release, ...

Trisquel 9.0 Etiona Review

Jonni Bidwell is on a brave quest to banish binary blobs from his legendary Eee PC. Will this distro prove helpful, or become more of a hindrance? ...

Xubuntu 20.10 Review

Written by Adam Hunt Sometimes, operating system developers make it easy to be a software reviewer. They put out a nice set of “release notes" that ...

Xubuntu 20.04 Review

Written by Adam Hunt Ubuntu family Long Term Support (LTS) releases are often eagerly awaited by users, but reviewers often rate them as lackluster or ...

Ubuntu Unity 20.04 Review

Written by Adam Hunt After his obituary was published in the New York Journal in 1897, American writer Mark Twain famously wrote, “the report of my death was ...

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