BT Dual Band WiFi Extender 610 Review

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Checks out BT’s own-branded ‘n’ class wifi extender. Read our BT Dual Band WiFi Extender 610 Review. Having covered BT-branded gear recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that it avoids the bleeding edge of technology, because that invariably generates support problems. That reluctance, in a nutshell, defines this relatively inexpensive wifi Extender. [sc name=”Youtube”] See also: ASUS … Read more

Netgear D7000 Review

Netgear Nighthawk Ac1900 Vdsl/adsl Modem Router Certified With Centurylink Non Bonded, Dsl Internet Only (d7000)

Netgear finally brings the D7000 Nighthawk VDSL router in for a UK landing It might be shaped like a Stealth Bomber, but there isn’t much that could obscure Netgear’s D7000 Nighthawk VDSL/ADSL model router. It’s big, utilizes three massive ‘aerodynamic’ antenna and is 28.5cm wide, 18.5cm deep and 5cm tall. Thankfully, it can be wall … Read more

Master Your WiFi Router

Master Your Wifi Router

It’s the backbone of your home network, but how well do you actually know your Wi-Fi router? Will Stapley lifts the lid on your network’s nerve centre, and explains how to access its many hidden features Not so long ago, your Wi-Fi router was used for little more than connecting your desktop PC and maybe … Read more

ASUS RT-AC3200 Review

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Bristling with more antennae than an Air Warfare Destroyer, with a whopping six in total, this is one seriously aggressive router. It’s also one of the most expensive Tri-band routers around, and when combined with the fact that ASUS routers have historically performed well, my hopes were high indeed. Sadly it didn’t turn in quite … Read more

Linksys WRT32X AC3200 Review

Linksys Wrt32x Ac3200 Review

Linksys WRT32X AC3200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Gaming Router – Top shelf performance, but only on Killer-enabled PCs High pings are awful and can easily ruin a fast-paced online game. Not only do you get killed because you can’t react in time, but you look like an idiot getting shot in the back. Unfortunately, running an Ethernet cable … Read more

Tenda Nova MW6 Review

Tenda Nova Mw6 Review

ANOTHER MONTH, ANOTHER wireless mesh system, this time from Tenda, a relatively little-known router manufacturer. What the company lacks in name recognition, however, it makes up for with a high-quality and reliable mesh system that shows some of its big-name rivals how it’s done. Read our Tenda Nova MW6 Review. [rh_get_post_thumbnails video=1 height=200 justify=1] [sc name=”Youtube”] … Read more

Norton Core Review

Norton Core Review

This good-looking router secures everything on your network. But while web-browsing range is impressive, it’s poor for online gaming. [sc name=”Youtube”] Norton has intruded into the wireless router space like one of the cyber-nasties that it’s traditionally known for keeping away. But its presence is a breath of fresh air: not just because it has … Read more

D-LINK Covr-C1023 Review

D Link Covr C1023 Review

Although it’s comparatively cheap, the Covr is nicely designed. The satellites look quite neat on display VERDICT Simple and cheap, this mesh system doesn’t have the performance to keep up with the best IT FEELS AS if you can’t move for wireless mesh systems at the moment, with every manufacturer under the sun joining in. … Read more

DrayTek Vigor 2762ac Review: Broad minded

Draytek V2762ac Vigor 2762ac 802.11ac Router (>)

Today’s routers are often fancy boxes with up to eight aerials. This one has just two, but is still a versatile ADSL/VDSL Wi-Fi modem router, for copper and fibre broadband lines, with comprehensive features. Read our DrayTek Vigor 2762ac Review. [content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/gallery_images] You may also like: Zyxel Multy X AC3000 Review: X marks the hotspot TP-Link … Read more

Linksys Velop Dual-Band Review: Second class

Linksys Velop Dual Band Review

Linksys’ Velop is one of the better mesh routers we’ve tested, but very pricey. So Linksys has introduced a smaller, less powerful version at less than half the price. Essentially, each box works similarly but has only one 5GHz radio instead of two, in addition to the 2.4GHz radio, making this a dual-band rather than tri-band … Read more