Logitech MX Mechanical Mini Keyboard Review

Logitech Mx Mechanical Mini Keyboard Review 1.jpg

THERE’S A quiet revolution happening in the productivity space. Well, I say quiet—it’s actually the click-clack of mechanical keyboards making their way back into the offices that they left 30-or-so years ago. At least that’s the plan according to Razer and now Logitech, who have both recently released work-based takes on the mechanical keyboard. Both keyboards … Read more


Steelseries Apex 3 Tkl Review 1.jpg

If we had to pick our favourite keyboard on test based on design alone, the SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL would easily take the win. It certainly helps that the compact tenkeyless (TKL) form factor looks a little less bulky than the full-sized keyboards on test, but the full-sized version of this keyboard looks great too. … Read more


Logitech Mx Keysmini Review 1.jpg

The full-sized version of Logitech’s MX Keys keyboard impressed us when we reviewed it a few months ago, and now Logitech has added a mini model to the range that drops the numpad cluster, and squeezes the cursor keys under the right Shift and Enter keys. It makes for a much more compact keyboard but it also … Read more


Roccat Vulcan Tkl Pro Review 2.jpg

TENKEYLESS MECHANICAL KEYBOARD The Vulcan Pro and Vulcan TKL Pro sit at the top of Roccat’s keyboard line-up and offer a premium, low-profile mechanical keyboard design based on the company’s own Titan switches. We’re looking atthe ten keyless (TKU version here, which drops the numpad to make for a more compact and slightly cheaper option, although … Read more


Corsair K70 Rgb Tkl Review 2.jpg

TENKEYLESS MECHANICAL KEYBOARD For several years Corsair’s mechanical keyboard line-up stayed relatively steady. After establishing a hit design with its original K70, it iterated on that design in numerous ways without fundamentally changing the formula. Just recently, though, the company overhauled its keyboard line-up, and the ten keyless K70 RGB TKL is the latest to get … Read more

CORSAIR K65 RGB Mini Review

CORSAIR K65 RGB Mini Review

60 PER CENT MECHANICAL KEYBOARD The K65 RGB Mini is Corsair’s first foray into the 60 per cent keyboard market. As with all such keyboards, it eschews the numpad, F-keys and even cursor keys of larger-format keyboards, making for a tiny footprint that looks great and saves desk space. Read our CORSAIR K65 RGB Mini … Read more