AOC U3277PWQU Review: Stunning color at a comparative bargain price.

The AOC U3277PWQU is fantastic value for money when considering the technical capability of this display. Though the availability within the market is scarce, with just one retailer listing the unit on Static Ice, but if you’re happy to purchase from this retailer, it’s a tremendous bargain. Read our AOC U3277PWQU Review.

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Color reproduction is vivid and immersive with a full 1.07 billion color range replicated by the 10-bit panel. Colors are deep and beautifully saturated — though not overly so. Blacks are vivid, with excellent levels of differentiation. Paired with a maximum Delta-E value measured below 1.0, there is no perceivable difference to the human eye between standard color forms.

AOC U3277PWQU Review

The U3277PWQU delivers a broad color gamut that competes with displays over twice the market price of this AOC unit. While display uniformity could be improved, it’s not the worst result and is inline with the middle of the pack in terms of benchmark results.

The swivel functionality is implemented as a turntable under the base with the monitor stalk itself having no movement. Though swivel isn’t great, the tilt and pivot capabilities are as should be expected. OSD control buttons are also clunky.

DisplayPort and HDMI handle connectivity with the unit supporting vl.2 and v2.0 respectively. Though the display also supports DVI-D Dual Link and D-sub, these are merely backward compatibility options and for the most part useless as they won’t deliver the resolution, bit depth and refresh rate, this display requires to excel.

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