AOC G2460VQ6 review: Two feet is better than one

AOC G2460VQ6 review – This 24 in monitor is marketed to gamers, which explains the ‘exciting’ red stripe along its bottom edge. For a tidy-looking Full HD screen, though, it’s too good to be used solely by people who like zapping aliens. It’s based on the TN variety of LCD, which has rather fallen out of favor because of its relatively limited picture quality and viewing angles. IPS panels tend to give a more consistent image when you’re not quite head-on, and more accurate color. But these gaps have been closed by recent TN screens.


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This is a decent, cheap, and sizeable monitor for gamers and non-gamers alike

Out of the box, the G2460VQ6’s low brightness and contrast made a poor first impression. Our color meter wasn’t impressed either, finding tones generally off the mark. Efforts to improve this were hampered by the slow and confusing on-screen menus. An Eco option just messed with the brightness, while various modes for game genres pushed the color temperature even further towards arctic blue. Finally, though, we spotted the sRGB mode, which indeed covered a creditable 97 per cent of the sRGB color range with fairly decent accuracy and just about hit a standard 6500K color temperature (this is something you can tweak according to your preference – ‘professional designers’, for example, often prefer it a bit more yellow).

So the G2460VQ6 isn’t out of the question for photo editing and everyday Windows tasks, and nor will it disappoint gamers, especially if they have a recent AMD graphics card to take advantage of the FreeSync support. With fast response and up to 75Hz refresh rate, it’s an adequate gaming screen, with the caveat that detail may be hard to pick out in darker scenes. Everyone will appreciate the sturdy stand, which lacks adjustment but doesn’t wobble. The built-in 2W stereo speakers hardly fill the room, but let you manage without external speakers if you don’t feel the need for them.

There’s little to choose between the G2460VQ6 and the similarly priced 24.5in Iiyama G-Master G2530HSU-B1, which has a USB 2.0 hub and better color, but muddy contrast. For non-gamers, the BenQ GL2580HM provides a fractionally larger TN screen in a classy- looking case, while its default color setup is more sensible and its menus easier to fathom. Where the G2460VQ6 lacks a DVI input, the GL2580HM omits a DisplayPort connection. We’d rate the latter slightly higher for general Windows use, but with no speakers nor any other frills, it isn’t better value.

AOC G2460VQ6 review: VERDICT

Despite its picture quality and settings, this is a decent all-round work and gaming monitor of a practical size at a very reasonable price

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Iiyama G-Master G2530HSU-B1

This 24.5in screen looks neater, though It wobbles more, and has similar specs and failings but better color accuracy out of the box


24in TN LCD • 1920×1080-pixel resolution • FreeSync  • 2x 2W speakers • HDMI 1.4 port • 2x DisplayPort 12 • VGA port • 565x416x219mm (HxWxD) • Three-year warranty

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