VIEWSONIC XG2700-4K Review

4K GAMING IS in its infancy, but if you have a PC that can handle it, the 27in ViewSonic XG2700-4K may grab your attention.

It’s not particularly cheap or attractive, with wide bezels and a basic plastic stand.

However, you can adjust height, tilt and rotation, and if you need even more flexibility there’s a VESA mount on the rear. The retractable headphone mount is a nice touch.

VIEWSONIC XG2700-4K Review

VIEWSONIC XG2700-4K Review

As for connectivity, you get three HDMI ports, a DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort, four USB3 ports and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The touch-sensitive controls at the front are poorly labelled so using the OSD is a pain, but at least you get plenty of picture-tweaking options, from brightness and contrast to color balance and response time. You can also enable or disable AMD FreeSync, which matches the refresh rate to your GPU’s output to reduce tearing and ghosting.

The 3,840×2,160 matt IPS panel runs at 60Hz. On the default settings, the XG2700-4K delivers a maximum brightness of 320cd/m2 and contrast ratio of 1,060:1, which results in an eye-poppingly punchy image. Switch to sRGB mode, however, and brightness and contrast drop to 162cd/m2 and 539:1, resulting in a comparatively dull, dark display.

The upside is that we also measured 97.4% sRGB color gamut coverage and an average delta-E of 0.44. This, plus generally better screen uniformity in sRGB mode, means the XG2700-4K will be just at home running Photoshop as it will Call of Duty.

Indeed this is a reliable gaming companion.

It has an extremely responsive 4ms panel, and we saw barely any ghosting when pushing the monitor’s response time settings to the limit.

Input lag is also pretty good. In short, the XG2700-4K is fantastic for gaming enthusiasts who want to play in 4K. It has an excellent panel, which is both color accurate and responsive, and its screen uniformity is unbelievably good in sRGB mode. Even in non-sRGB mode, the panel manages to compete with the very best.

It does have its flaws: the design isn’t that attractive and its touch-sensitive buttons are a faff, but it’s worth it when you get this kind of performance in return. Those with Nvidia cards should stick with a G-Sync monitor such as the Acer Predator XB271HK, but for AMD-based PCs, this won’t disappoint.

[Christopher Minasians]


You’ll need a powerful graphics card, but this is a great monitor for 4K gaming

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VIEWSONIC XG2700-4K Review

You’ll need a powerful graphics card, but this is a great monitor for 4K gaming

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