4K Monitors Group Test

Years ago, we would have conducted a group test on CGA monitors, and through the years that group would have moved on to VGA, SVGA, WXGA, HD and now 4K.

4K is the darling of the viewing world at present, the key resolution that we’re being persuaded to use hence forth – until 8K or 12K becomes the new kid on the block.

David Hayward checks out six 4K screens to see what they have to offer.

1 LG 31MU97-B Review

LG 31MU97-B Review

LG has done an exceptional job with its range of 4K TVs over the last year or so. Enter the likes of Currys, and you’ll see a selection of superbly presented and technically wonderful models on offer. Has the company managed to mirror that success ...
GREAT PICK 2 Philips Brilliance 288P6

Philips Brilliance 288P6

Philips Brilliance 288P6 4K Monitors DETAILS • Manufacturer: Philips •  Requirements: GPU capable of hitting 4K resolutions, Only a VGA cable supplied so you'll need HDMI or DisplayPort The Philips P-line of monitors caters for ...
3 Dell UP2414Q

Dell UP2414Q

Dell UP2414Q DETAILS • Manufacturer: Dell • Requirements: GPU capable of handling 4K resolutions, both HDMI and DisplayPorts cables needed as nothing The familiar sight of a Dell monitor Considering the amount you're paying, you ...
4 BenQ BL2711U Review: A professional monitor for the CAD/CAM user and digital artist

BenQ BL2711U Review: A professional monitor for the CAD/CAM user and digital artist

We’ve had a number of BenQ gaming specific monitors through our doors recently, so it makes a nice change to get hold of one of the company’s higher-end professional models for testing. Read our BenQ BL2711U Review. The BenQ BL2711U Review ...
BEST BUY 5 AOC U2868PQU Review

AOC U2868PQU Review

AOC U2868PQU - The color, sharpness and clarity are all exceptional. DETAILS • Manufacturer: AOC AOC shares many similarities with Acer. Generally, it offers excellent value for money while still adopting the latest technologies, and they have ...

Acer CB280HK Review

No so long ago 1080 HD monitors were the bee's knees, but these days the modern enthusiast can opt for something that's four times better. 4K may be something that’s bandied about without any regard to what it actually means, but once you see the ...

Editor’s Choice – Philips Brilliance 288P6

It was a difficult group this one, since the monitors on test were of a much better quality than the usual HD ones we’re used to.

However, we believe the Philips Brilliance 288P6 offered the best quality, in both design/ build and screen output and value for money. While it’s not as cheap as the Acer or AOC, it’s a better monitor overall.

Highly Recommended – AOC U2868PQU

If you’re after a cheaper 4K solution, then we would recommend you look no further than the AOC U2868PQU.

It may not have the build quality or even an image that’s quite as sharp as the BenQ, Philips or LG models, but it’s certainly no slouch either. And considering it’s just a tad under £, it’s worth looking into.

How We Tested

Each 4K monitor was hooked up to a GeForce GTX 970 4GB graphics card, via HDMI and/or DisplayPort. We tested a number of YouTube 4K videos, as well as some full HD movies. For games we ran War Thunder, Elite: Dangerous and Sniper Elite 3 in the highest resolutions possible.