72-hour Giveaway: IOTransfer, the New iPhone Manager

It is really important to have plenty of memory available in order for you to storage as much data (images, music, videos, movies, etc.) as possible, but, what happens when you run out of memory?

The truth is, that there are many ways to transfer all the data you have storedon your iPhone to other iDevices like an iPad or iPod, even to your PC, in fact, with iTunes or iCloud you can do just that. However, we all know how annoying and inconvenient these options might be.

Is for that reason IOTransfer shows up. To make you able to manipulate, modify, and store the data just as you wish, instantly, and in a more convenient way than just with iTunes. This totally new app allows you to transfer your data in a personalized way.

Transfer iPhone photos, images, videos and more

The reason being of IOTransfer is to give customers a more convenient tool to transfer all the information they need to their iDevices and PC as well as from them to their iPhone or iDevices.

The practical and easy way to use this app to transfer photos, videos, images, etc. back and forth to other devices is what makes this app so attractive and useful. Just by syncing your iPhone to other devices, you are just ready to go.

Music is also an extremely important thing to have on your iPhone. With IOTransfer, you can transfer music from your PC or Mac to you iDevices in a simple and fast way.

Having all your memories well secured and safe in your computer is great, and, having a lot of memory available on you iPhone for more new content is greater.

Direct and multiple access

Accessing your iPhone, iPad or iPod from your computer or Mac and vice versa, is a great feature that allows you to control your data and store it where you want and whenever you want.

If you get involved in a situation where you run out of memory and you are having fun on a trip with your family and friends. You can easily free up memory by sending your data to your computer with just one click.

iPhone transfer has become a lot easier than ever with the appearance of IOTransfer, exporting and importing data has never been so easy.

Clean up your memory

For users that want to get rid of photos, images, music, etc. This app allows you to delete simultaneously the data you don’t want anymore with just one click. It will be deleted from all your devices at once, giving you more space and memory for new content.

So, running out of memory is not an inconvenient when having IOTransfer in your iPhone, computer, and other iDevices.


IOTransfer is available for Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS X 10.9 or later. For the iOS devices requirement are iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iOS 8 or later.

If you have these requirements, you should definitely get this app. You will be surprised at how useful and easy to use it actually is.

It has to be mentioned that IOTransfer is a renowned iPhone Manager developed by IOTransfer Studio, which is a company with a vast experience for over 10 years in the field of solving file transferring issues and data backup.

Here we’re giving away unlimited licenses of IOTransfer for 72 hours. Come on and grab the free license by filling giveaway form or comment your email in comment.
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