Wubuntu 11.4.3 LTS Review

Over the years, there have been several attempts to create Linux distributions that look and work like Microsoft Windows, often to lure away Windows users.

Many readers may recall Lindows from 2001, which is still around today as Linspire, now a paid commercial distribution. Several others have come and gone over time, too.

A recent addition to this market is Wubuntu (Windows Ubuntu), which had its first release, numbered LTS, on 25 June 2023. Based on Ubuntu and using a modified KDE desktop, it does look very much like Windows 11.

As part of our series about Ubuntu derivatives that use the Ubuntu name, this month I thought we would look at this unusual distribution’s second release, 11.4.3, out on 6 December 2023.

Wubuntu 11-4-3 LTS Review


Wubuntu comes from Brazil and is based on Linuxfx. Both distributions are the product of the same anonymous developer and are based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, although the KDE versions draw mostly from Kubuntu.

Wubuntu takes the Linuxfx base and adds new icons, themes, and Microsoft software to complete the Windows 11 look and feel.

The first Wubuntu release offered a choice of KDE or Cinnamon desktops, but more recent releases have stuck with a modified KDE Plasma 5 interface.

Further Cinnamon releases have been promised but have not arrived. KDE has a lot of built-in user customization. Still, Wubuntu’s developer has taken it further, creating a Windows-like menu and other features that would fool most seasoned Windows users at first or second glance. Some serious effort has been expended here.


I downloaded the rather heavyweight 5.1 GB ISO file from SourceForge via HTTP as no BitTorrent is available. There are also no SHA256 or even MD5 checksums provided, an oversight that prevents confirming the download is valid. The first release did provide an MD5 sum, which was better than nothing.


Once downloaded, I dropped the Wubuntu ISO file onto a USB stick equipped with Ventoy 1.0.96. Wubuntu is not on the list of Ventoy tested and supported distributions, but, being Ubuntubased, it booted up smoothly.


The recommended system requirements are:

  • 2 GHz dual-core processor or better
  • 2 GB system memory (4 GB is highly recommended)
  • 25 GB of free hard drive space (SSD is highly recommended)
  • Internet access is helpful
  • Either a DVD drive or a USB port for the installer media
  • Virtual Box: It is extremely important to install guest add-ons for the system to run efficiently.

These minimum system specs are very close to those specified for Windows 11, although Windows has specific requirements for processor types and additional items such as Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0.


Wubuntu looks very much like Windows 11 when booted up. Being Linux-based, though, it is more secure and stable, won’t run all that Windows malware, and doesn’t come with the crapware and bloatware that the tech media has taken Windows 11 to task forever since its release on 5 October 2021.

Wubuntu 11-4-3 LTS Review

Wubuntu will also run on somewhat older hardware that doesn’t make the grade for Windows 11.

While Wubuntu runs well, looks good, and is easy to use, as I tried it out, I was wondering, “Just who is this aimed at?” It is not intended for seasoned Linux fans as they will not love a Linux distribution that looks like Windows and runs a considerable amount of Microsoft proprietary software. Windows is just not a “prestige brand” in the Linux world. It also will probably not appeal to dedicated Windows fans who are already running Windows 11 on modern hardware unless they are looking for better security and stability. I think there is a potential niche here made up of Windows users who would like to run Windows 11 without shelling out money to buy new hardware. These people are probably using Windows 10 for now, but its mainstream support runs out on 14 October 2025.

Wubuntu does not come complete as a free download. You can purchase the PowerToys Professional Key from the developer for a fee of $ to unlock a package of extras called PowerToys. The official website describes this: 

Wubuntu 11-4-3 LTS Review

“PowerToys is a powerful toolset that implements a software layer based on Microsoft Windows applications. Tools like Control Panel, Network Settings, One Drive, Android Support, and others are available through PowerToys”.

So, in effect, Wubuntu is “freemium” software where the free version gives you the basics, but upgrades for full functionality cost extra. The same PowerToys package is also available for Linuxfx by the same developer and is used as a source of income.

A freemium model is very unusual in the Linux desktop world, and this reinforces the notion that Wubuntu is aimed at Windows users who are more used to paying for software.

On the subject of this paid extra package, the Wubuntu forum users have much to say about it. One user noted, “Anytime you try to change the desktop, it Nags for you to purchase Powertoys!! It’s INFURIATING, and it’s so often! If I can set up this OS on my PC the way I want, I’ll be happy to support your work, but right now, NO WAY! Right now, this OS is NOT ready for Prime Time!”. Another user noted it was “worse than running an unactivated copy of Windows 11. Had to uninstall and move on. If you don’t plan on buying the $ key, I can’t recommend Wubuntu.” Another wrote, “When does the nagging stop? It is relentless, every single time.” There are some indications that this issue was at least dialed back via some system updates, though.

Overall, Wubuntu looks good and works well in a limited way, but it will be short of full capabilities unless you buy the extra PowerToys package. That said, Wubuntu has access to the Ubuntu repositories collection of application software via APT from the command line or the included Discover software store, so there are many options for adding free software for functionality instead, much like any Linux distribution.


Wubuntu has a built-in range of user customization, similar to Windows 11. It includes 98 wallpapers, the most of any Linux distribution I have ever seen. Many wallpapers are from Kubuntu releases, and several are Windows-like ones.

Wubuntu 11-4-3 LTS Review

It also has three window color themes: light, dark, and one halfway in between, with light windows and a dark bottom panel.

Kubuntu also offers 73 widgets. These small programs provide functions such as a calendar, clock, or weather.


Some of the applications included with Wubuntu 11.4.3 are: 

  • Android File Transfer client 
  • AntiMicroX 3.1.4 gamepad keyboard mapper 
  • Ark 23.08.3 file archiver 
  • ChatGPT 1.1.0 AI client 
  • Cheese 41.1 webcam 
  • Discover 2.1.2 software store
  • Dolphin 23.08.3 file manager
  • Google Chrome 120.0.6099.62 web browser*
  • GParted 1.3.1 partition editor
  • Gwenview 23.08.3 image viewer 
  • K3B 23.08.3 CD/DVD burner 
  • KCalc 23.08.3 calculator
  • KMail 22.04.3 email (failed to launch)
  • KTorrent 23.08.3 BitTorrent client
  • KWrite 22.04.3 (failed to launch) Kate 23.08.3 text editor
  • Konsole 23.08.3 terminal emulator
  • Microsoft Copilot AI toy* 
  • Microsoft Edge 119.0.2151.97 web browser*
  • Microsoft Office Online (Excel, OneNote, People, PowerPoint, Word)*
  • Microsoft Teams chat sign-up*
  • Microsoft OneDrive cloud service sign-up*
  • Okular 23.08.3 PDF viewer
  • OnlyOffice online office suite (Calc, Word, PowerPoint) 
  • PulseAudio 15.99.1 audio controller 
  • Power Toys Android Support signup
  • RemoteDesktop Client 0.23 remote desktop
  • Skanlite 23.08.3 scanner
  • Spectacle 23.08.3 screenshot utility
  • Steam gaming client 
  • Thunderbird 115.5.1 email client 
  • VLC 3.0.16 media player
  • Webcamoid 8.8.0 webcam
  • Wine Stable 8.0.2
  • Windows compatibility layer 
  • Winetricks 0.0+20210206-2 
  • Windows compatibility layer 
  • Wubuntu PowerToys Register

* indicates proprietary software

Many proprietary applications here emphasize Microsoft products or launchers that give at least access to them. This will not thrill free software advocates but is normal for Windows users. Some of these are Windows programs running on the included Wine compatibility layer.

It is odd these days to find a Linux distribution without the Firefox web browser and the LibreOffice office suite, but Wubuntu has neither. Instead, you can choose two proprietary browsers in their Linux versions, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, and two online office suites, the free software OnlyOffice and the proprietary Microsoft Office.

Aside from including two web browsers and two office suites, Wubuntu has several other redundancies, such as two webcams and two email clients.

The list of applications shows that, at its core, Wubuntu is Kubuntu, with many applications from the KDE Gear 23.08.3 collection. With the available Ubuntu repositories, it would be easy to remove the proprietary software and replace it all with free software alternatives, but instead of all that work, wouldn’t it be easier to install Kubuntu instead?


Wubuntu 11-4-3 LTS Review

Wubuntu looks good and works reasonably well in its free download incarnation, but to make it work right, you need to buy a paid key for the PowerToys package or at least flush it out with some free software alternatives. It seems intended to appeal to the niche of Windows fans with older hardware that won’t run Windows 11 or to Windows users looking for better stability and security.

Most Linux fans will not like this distribution due to its Windows look and reliance on proprietary software. For Linux fans, there are better options.

Judging by the forum traffic, the built-in advertising for the paid PowerToys extras doesn’t seem to go well among users. It will be interesting to see if adjustments are made in this distribution and whether or not it attracts a dedicated user base between now and the end of support for Windows 10 in October 2025.

It is probably promising that a new point release, 11.4.4, was issued while I was writing this review, indicating that development is continuing.

Official website:


Adam Hunt started using Ubuntu in 2007 and has used Lubuntu since 2010. He lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, in a house with no Windows.

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