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Manage your life with Microsoft To Do

Microsoft recently updated its To Do task- management tool with a fresh new look and extra features. Here’s what you need to know. Read our Microsoft ToDo Review.

You can invite others to share your lists. Open a list, click the person icon in the top right, then create an invitation link that you can send to people

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If you’re trying to manage lots of different things in your life, a to-do list can help you ensure you don’t forget any of them. Microsoft To Do is one of the better free task-management apps, and is based on Wunderlist, a popular program that the software giant acquired a few years ago.

Microsoft todo vs wunderlist

Recently updated to look and behave more like Wunderlist, Microsoft To Do is available for all the most popular platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and the web. It also integrates with Microsoft’s personal assistant, Cortana, so you can add new tasks quickly and easily using your voice.


Click and drag your lists to change the order in which they appear

1 Microsoft has designed To Do to be very simple, so you don’t have to worry about getting to grips with a complicated interface. To get started, sign in using your Microsoft account details, then click the Add Task button at the bottom of the My Day daily planner. 1 Type in a name for your task.

Press Enter and the task appears in the daily planner. 1 Click the entry to open a sidebar with additional options. From here you can add any further steps you need to take to compete your task, 2 remove it from My Day 3 and set a reminder. 4 Choose a time and date 0 or select one of the preset options.

You can also add a due date for the completion of your task. 1 Either choose from the preset options or enter your own date. If it’s a regular event, you can set it to repeat 2 at the appropriate interval. You can also attach a file 3 and add some notes. 4

4 When you’ve finished a task, click the circle to its left to mark it as complete. 1 A tick appears and the task’s name is crossed out. Right-clicking a task brings up a context menu with options to remove it from My Day, 2 change when it’s due and move the task to a list.3

To make your most important tasks easier to spot, mark them with a star. Click Important 1 in the panel on the left to view all your starred tasks. You can also view tasks you have planned for the future. 2 If you’re collaborating on tasks, they appear under ‘Assigned to Me’. 3

TODAY SIDEBAR The Today bar shows your tasks for the day, as well as recently added items. Click the light bulb button (above) to hide or reveal the sidebar

OPTIONS When you add a new task, use these icons to add it to a list and set a due date or a reminder

6 Clicking the Tasks option 1 shows everything you’ve ever added to Microsoft To Do. including tasks you have completed. Click a task to edit it. 2 or click the circle to the left of a task 3 to toggle between complete and incomplete. You can also create lists. 4

7 If you want to customise the way each screen looks, click the three dots in the top-right corner. 1 Here you can choose a theme (either a gradient colour or one of the images provided), 2 set the app to hide completed tasks 3 and pin it to the Start menu. 4

8 The ‘Sort by’ option 1 lets you reorder the tasks on that screen by due date, creation date, alphabetical order or whether or not they’ve been added to My Day. 2 If you need to find a particular task, click the Search icon next to your name. 3


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