Samsung S24D590PL

Samsung S24D590PL – A stylish 24in monitor with great image quality.

Samsung’s previous 24in monitors have been all style and not much substance, but the Samsung S24D590PL is different. It’s attractive with a super-slim appearance that is in complete contrast to the majority of monitors (such as the Dell UZ2215H below), and it has good image quality too.

Samsung S24D590PL


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The sturdy, angular, metallic-effect stand is certainly unusual but very classy, and won’t take up much space on a crowded desktop. You can only tilt the monitor because there’s no height or swivel adjustment, but this isn’t unusual in a monitor at this price. It lacks built-in speakers, but these invariably provide dire sound quality so this is no great drawback. You’re always much better off using external speakers or headphones.

We were initially stumped when trying to activate the on-screen menus to adjust image quality, until we realized this is done using the circular control pad which is located near the bottom right-hand comer on the back. The menus are easy to navigate with key settings immediately accessible instead of being buried in numerous sub-menus. We didn’t feel the need to change any settings though because the screen looks good out of the box.

Image quality is very good – especially for a 1080p monitor at this price. Contrast was excellent with plenty of detail in dark scenes when we watched movies or played games. Brightness, color accuracy and viewing angles were impressive too, while the backlight was very even without any fading at the edges – a common flaw in other similarly priced monitors.

The Samsung S24D590PL is a great monitor -stylish and affordable with great image quality. It just misses out on our Buy It award due to its lack of height adjustment. The similarly priced AOC I2360PHU doesn’t look as good, but it has comparable image quality and a more flexible stand.



A 23in monitor thats not as stylish, but it does have comparable image quality and height adjustment.

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