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  1. Hello,

    I have been contemplating to add a REL subwoofer to my hi end two channel speaker system.Its not that I lack bass from Gemme Kantana V3 speakers,in fact I get plenty of it! My bass extention is full,deep,tight,and very detailed and articulate!So many a folk would question why I would want more bass? Well,from what ive been reading so far is that adding an audiophile grade sub(like the RELs),does more than give one extra bass right? In fact it can help in improving my overall sound and musicallity from my existing setup,as well as ease the stress off my speakers if I am correct? I presently own a Velodyne subwoofer(SPL-R series).I mainly use it for movies,as I dont believe its best match for for solely listening to music.My friend recently aquired a G1 Rel hooked up to pair of Focal Diablos,and after hearing this set up,and finding out how the sub is so transparent,and neutral,and blends so well with his setup,that it virtually seems to dissapear with his somewhat small listening environment(11ft by 16ft).I was just wondering if could yeild the same benefits as he, in introducing a REL T9i in a room that 17ft by 22ft in dimension?



  2. No. You require two

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