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Linux distros
Ubuntu 21.04 Review

Written by Adam Hunt Ubuntu 21.04 is the middle release of three “standard” releases on the road to the next long term support release. This 22 April, ...

Ubuntu Review

This year (2020), it’s 20 years ago that I first discovered Linux, picking up RedHat 5.1 (a number of CDs and a manual) for a small sum at a computer meeting. ...

Ubuntu Web 20.04.1 Review

Written by Adam Hunt Rudra Saraswat appears to be keeping busy during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has not only put out new releases of Ubuntu Unity and ...

Ubuntu Unity 20.10 Review

Written by Adam Hunt Ubuntu Unity brings back Unity 7, which was the face of Ubuntu from 2011-2017, and which still has a lot of fans, due to its efficient ...

Kubuntu 20.10 Review

Written by Adam Hunt Kubuntu users are well-known for their dedication to the distribution and for some very good reasons, too. Read our Kubuntu 20.10 ...

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