3 Reasons to Get a Turntable

A turntable spins a record or CD, providing music that can be improved with effects such as pitch correction. These are used in audio recording studios to help playback of recordings by playing them at various speeds.

Keep reading to learn more about turntables and why you should get one.

What Is A Turntable? 

You might remember using a phonograph to play a record if you’re old enough. Turntables, also known as phonographs, is a device used to play sound recordings on vinyl records or CDs and allows for use in various listening environments such as cars and homes. 

A turntable has two parts – a platter and a tonearm. Its major function is to rotate the vinyl record over which you have pressed the needle when playing back. It spins the platter at a constant speed and converts vibrations into sound. 

The turntable also has other purposes, such as providing an audio output, stereo sound effects, and many other things. Because it has low-end frequencies, the turntable is ideal for music recordings that lack high volume.

Why Are Turntables Better Than Digital Ones?

Music is supposed to be pure and liberating. But with digitalization, music has become a commodity that remains readily available anywhere and anytime, along with all the added entertainment value. You no longer have to sit down after a hard day’s work, put on an album, and let the pleasure take over you while enjoying the lyrics. 

The convenience brought about by music digitalization is the same reason why some people went back to a turntable’s simplicity and basic features. That is to experience the pure joy of listening to a good record, with all that patience of listening to all the tracks of a long play album without skipping and ads.

Why Should You Get A Turntable?

There are a number of reasons why you should add a turntable to your collection. Here are the main ones.


The turntable market has become more inclusive and affordable nowadays. Various brands came into the scene with the growing popularity of vinyl and turntables. They started producing their own, which are more budget-friendly and accessible to consumers.

Connection With Music

The thrill of music comes from an interconnection of mind, body, and soul. The turntable allows your body to become part of the music and experience it with you.  It is a subtle way to be involved in the process and see it play out in front of you. 

Great Addition To Collectibles

If you have any vinyl records or turntables lying around, you can find collectors buying them up and downsizing their collections. Vintage vinyl records and phonographs are always in high demand, and for a good reason. They hold value, but even more so on the used market.


If you’re serious about audio, you need to consider a turntable. For music lovers, it’s a great way to play your favorite albums in full fidelity with no hassle. It will take your collection to new levels and make listening to music sound better.


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