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Dell Inspiron 24 5000 Review: A desktop PC built into a touchscreen

This is a good all-in-one with no major drawbacks, but the ageing processors make it less of a bargain than it should be


Lenovo ThinkStation P310 Review

The ThinkStation P310 Tower packs a decent amount of modelling power into a small tower, and the price is reasonable considering the brand pedigree. But its rendering and encoding abilities are behind the competition this month.

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Acer Aspire S24-880 Review: A laptop for your desktop

If you don’t need high performance, this is a simple, compact PC that’s all right for basic everyday use


Gemini PDA Review: Back to the future?

The keyboard is the whole point, so its poor quality is a deal- breaker, but we'll be first in the queue to try the next version