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PDFgear Review: Master your PDFs for free!

Master Your Pdfs For Free

Sign your document If you already have a copy of your signature saved on your PC (the simplest way to produce one is to sign a slip of paper, take a photo of it with your ...

Customise Windows 11 with your own widgets

Customise Windows 11 with your own widgets 1.jpg

BeWidgets You can set the height and width of each widget, and choose whether it’s locked or movable. The app uses the same visual style as Windows 11, so it integrates seamlessly with your ...

Tiny11 Review

Tiny11 Review 1.jpg

Click ISO IMAGE' on the right to download Tiny11 from the Internet Archive, or Torrent if you want it faster Confusingly, It’s called ‘23H2’, referring to Microsoft’s ...

Wubuntu 11.4.3 LTS Review

Wubuntu 11-4-3 LTS Review 1.jpg

Over the years, there have been several attempts to create Linux distributions that look and work like Microsoft Windows, often to lure away Windows users. Many readers may recall Lindows from ...

Ubuntu Budgie 23.10 Review

Ubuntu Budgie 23-10 Review 1.jpg

The Ubuntu Budgie developers have had a busy release cycle. Unlike some other Ubuntu flavor developers, the people at Ubuntu Budgie have introduced many new things in every release ...

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