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Nitro Concepts S300 Review

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Nitro Concepts S300 Review – We reviewed Nitro Concept’s E200 a year ago, it offered a very reasonable chair for the cash. However, there’s stiff competition in the field now, with the likes of GT Omega Racing’s Pro Office chair offering a huge range of adjustment. The Nitro Concepts S300 looks to bridge the gap between these chairs and the cheaper offerings from the likes of noblechairs.

Nitro Concepts S300 Review

It’s available in a range of colour options, from all- black, to black with coloured sides and logos if you’re after an appearance that’s a little snazzier. Rather than opting for the usual faux leather, which you’d expect at this price, Nitro Concepts has chosen a dense mesh fabric.

This material does have its advantages; it won’t suffer from squeaking as a result of different padded sections rubbing together, and it should also remain cool and comfortable when you’re sitting on it.

There are some potential downsides, though, such as the potential for snagging the material on zip pockets, and spills will likely be absorbed by the material too, whereas both faux and real leather can be wiped clean. Thankfully, the fabric proved to be hard- wearing and particularly dense, at least over the few days when we tested the chair.

Meanwhile, the S300’s arm rests can be adjusted inwards to a greater degree than the noblechairs Icon Series, making it a better choice for medium-bodied people. However, it’s not as flexible here as the GT Omega Racing’s Pro Office chair, which could adjust even further.

Both the latter chairs require you to adjust screws under the seat to perform this adjustment, though, while the Icon Series can move the actual arm rests laterally, which is easier. Both the Racing Pro Office chair and the S300 can also rotate the armrests, and move them up and down. The S300’s height is similar to the Icon Series, though, and is best suited to people who measure at least 5ft 8in tall – otherwise your feet may not sit flat on the floor without shoes or a footrest.

Meanwhile, the deform-resistant cold foam is reasonably soft but again, the noblechairs Icon is slightly softer and more supportive. The seat and back padding is reasonably firm, yet springy and feels more supportive and durable than the material on the GT Omega Racing Pro Office chair.

It’s very comfortable to sit on the Nitro Concepts S300 for long periods, and the addition of head and lumbar pillows, as well as a back support than can sit upright, means that a good posture is well-supported.

If you want to kick back, the back support tilts up to 135 degrees, and there’s also a modest rocking mechanism that can recline up to 14 degrees.

Nitro Concepts S300 Review: Conclusion

The Nitro Concepts S300 offers a great array of adjustment and comfort for the price, and it’s also a great choice if you prefer the feel (and reduced squeaking) of fabric over faux leather. It could be improved with slightly softer arm rest padding, and a little more inner adjustment on the arms for smaller people, but it’s otherwise a solid gaming chair. GT Omega Racing’s Pro Office chair offers slightly better value, offering the same adjustment for less cash, but the S300 offers slightly better build quality for not much more money.

The fabric proved to be hard- wearing and particularly dense


VALUE 20/25

Nitro Concepts S300 Review: VERDICT

A well-butt and comfortable chair for the money, especially if you prefer the feel of fabric to faux leather.

Specification: Nitro Concepts S300 Review

Product properties
Available colour

Black, Blue, Green


Fabric, Steel


Adjustable Armrest, Adjustable Backrest, Adjustable Seat Height, Headrest Cushion, Lumbar Cushion, Rocking Funktion

Release Year


Upper Backrest Width

530 mm

Lower Backrest Width

480 mm

Backrest Height

870 mm

Seat Outer Width

570 mm

Seat Inner Width

470 mm

Seat Depth

560 mm

Minimum Adjustable Seat Height

480 mm

Maximum Adjustable Seat Height

610 mm

Max Load

135 kg

Net Weight


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