Best Free UNINSTALLERS for 2024

When you want to remove an app or program from your PC, you probably reach for Windows’ built-in ‘Add or remove programs’ option. It’s okay for removing the odd program here and there, but all too often you’ll be presented with a message telling you that some components couldn’t be removed, or that the uninstall has failed in some way.

That’s why you need a dedicated third-party uninstaller – and some of the best tools are free. These uninstallers will quickly scan your system for all installed programs and let you select several at once for removal.

Once they’ve been purged, the software will perform another scan to track down and wipe out temporary files and old registry entries, freeing up valuable space and ensuring you don’t run into problems when installing a newer version of the same software later.

The best free uninstallers also provide a handy way to manage browser extensions and plugins and remove any you don’t use.

You’ll also be able to empty your recycle bin with a single click and delete your browser history.

If you like experimenting with new software or just want to keep your computer tidy, a free uninstaller is essential. Presented here is our pick of the best.

BCUninstaller Review


BCUninstaller – short for Bulk Crap Uninstaller – is the most powerful free program for removing rubbish software. It detects all the programs and apps you have installed and lets you sort them by name, size, publisher, installation date, user rating, and many other criteria.

On our PC, it listed 278 entries totaling 35GB, including tools we had no idea were there. BCUninstaller also provides a handy ‘treemap’ of storage consumption to help you identify the biggest space hogs on your hard drive.

In addition to removing programs using their uninstallers, you can manually uninstall software that doesn’t have that option and use BCUninstaller’s ‘Uninstall quietly’ feature (see screenshot below) to avoid having to click confirmation prompts. A Target function lets you remove a program by dragging a crosshairs icon over its open window or installation file or folder.

BCUninstaller excels at removing leftover traces of software, such as old data files and registry keys, and usefully indicates which ones are safe for you to delete. You can also erase empty folders by choosing ‘Clean up “Program Files” folders’ in the Tools menu.

BCUninstaller offers several ways to uninstall software, including ‘quietly.’

With so many options, BCUninstaller can seem confusing at first, and it’s slower than rival uninstallers, but it’s the most reliable way to purge your PC of junk.

HiBit Uninstaller Review


HiBit Uninstaller includes a useful feature for removing browser extensions.

HiBit Uninstaller doesn’t go as deep as BCUninstaller when removing software, but it has a less intimidating interface. This tells you the names, sizes, publishers, and installation dates of your PC’s programs, then lets you uninstall multiple entries in one go.

Initially, HiBit Uninstaller might seem to have missed some of your software, but this is because its default view only lists desktop programs – 163 on our PC, consuming 29GB of space. Click the Tools menu to access additional uninstallers for Microsoft Store apps, old Windows updates, and program components, such as drivers and language packs. We particularly like that you can view and remove extensions from your web browsers (see screenshot above), which saves you a great deal of fuss.

There are also options for cleaning the registry, deleting junk files and empty folders, repairing shortcuts, managing startup items and background processes, and more. Incredibly, considering the number of tools it offers, HiBit Uninstaller is completely free to use – with nothing restricted to a paid-for version – and you can even customize its design to suit your taste.

O&O AppBuster Review


As we mentioned, O&O AppBuster is the easiest way to remove Windows apps, whether Microsoft, your PC manufacturer, or you installed them. Its streamlined interface makes uninstalling unwanted apps as simple as ticking their boxes and clicking Remove, with the option to create a system restore point first.

O&O AppBuster now lets you uninstall Windows apps and desktop programs

In April 2023, O&O AppBuster became even more useful by expanding its remit to include desktop programs. These are listed alphabetically alongside apps on the tool’s All tab (see screenshot above), or you can browse separate lists on the Desktop and Windows tabs. Uninstalling these programs is as straightforward as removing apps, though AppBuster detected nine fewer than HiBit Uninstaller. It also lists system tools, but as these can’t be uninstalled, this is for reference rather than removal.

Besides letting you reinstall apps, O&O AppBuster doesn’t offer extra options, so it is less versatile but more convenient than our Gold and Silver awar

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