Zotac GTX-1060 Mini review

While all the cards in this guide are ideal gaming companions for the average-sized desktop, owners of smaller cases can feel a little left out. Both Palit and Zotac now offer smaller versions of the GTX-1060, but Zotac was the first to the market with its GTX-1060 Mini.

The Zotac Mini manages to squeeze some decent gaming performance in its 174 x 111 mm dimensions. It has a 1506MHz base clock speed with a 1709MHz boost, both of which are the stock GP106 GPU speeds.

Zotac has, however, made it a 6GB GDDR5 card, with a memory clock speed of 2002 MHz. For those of you who like numbers and specifications, the Mini has 1,280 Cuda cores, a memory bandwidth of 192.2GB/S, a pixel rate of 72GPixel/s, a texture rate of 120GTexel/s and a floating point performance value of 3,855 GLOPS.


While this isn’t great compared to some of the other cards in the guide, Zotac has done a good job of keeping everything at its stock value and with 6GB of memory while limiting its size. It could easily have dropped the clock speeds and shipped it with just 3GB of memory.

Obviously, due to the size of the Mini, you only get a single fan to help with the cooling of the card. This is a limiting factor for those who want to overclock the card to extreme limits, although to be fair, you can tweak the performance ever so slightly via the accompanying software. On the plus side, the single fan does an excellent job of keeping the card cool while under operation, and behind the fan and the chassis you’ll find a specially designed ‘sunflower’ heatsink to more evenly distribute the heat.

In short, the cooling works well. We tested it in a smaller case, and although the fan was slightly louder than the other models on test, it wasn’t enough to distract from gaming or watching any content. For those with high-performance media centres, the Zotac Mini may well be your ideal graphics option.

As for gaming performance, the Mini did okay. It’ll never be able to compete with higher-end models, but it didn’t do too badly. Doom at 1080 ran at 87fps, but at 4K it dropped to a practically unplayable 22fps. GTA V at 1080 was 90fps, while at 4K that number dropped to just 17fps.

To test the media abilities of the Mini, which we admittedly didn’t test too much with the other cards, we did enjoy 4K YouTube content without any problems. So while 4K gaming is out of the question with the Mini, you can still get away with 4K movies and the like.

The Zotac GTX-1060 Mini isn’t going to win the best gaming card award anytime soon, but it’s not a bad graphics card for media centers or other small PCs. It’s also comparatively cheap at just £230.

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ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 Mini 6GB GDDR5 Super Compact Graphics Card (ZT-P10600A-10L)

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Zotac GTX-1060 Mini review

It’ll never be able to compete with higher-end models

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