Yoyotech Renatus Pro M3 Review

Some enterprise-focused components single the Renatus M3 Pro out from the competition

Yoyotech is a manufacturer that we normally associate with consumer systems, but the company has been producing specific workstation ranges for some years now. The Renatus Pro M3 is its latest foray, and a brand-new line that we’re the first to see. In most respects, it’s similar to a number of other systems this month, but with one or two extra features that might appeal to enterprise-grade users.

The processor is the most powerful this month, the six-core Intel Core i7-5930K. which has a nominal 3.5GHz clock frequency. 200MHz more than the i7-5820K CPUs used in a number of other systems. We expected similar results in tests, though, as Yoyotech overclocked its CPU to the same 4.2GHz as rivals (notably, you don’t need to worry about the warranty: Yoyotech guarantees this enhanced frequency for three years, alongside the rest of the system). A NZXT Kraken X61 watercooling system keeps temperatures under control.

Yoyotech Renatus Pro M3 Review

ABOVE The chassis has a huge array of tool-free drive bays

Yoyotech includes 32GB of 2,133MHz DDR4 SDRAM, although it curiously supplied this in eight DIMMs, leaving no slots free for upgrades. We would have preferred four 8GB DIMMs, which w ould still have preserved the quad-channel memory performance but left an upgrade path. As with so many of its rivals, Yoyotech chose to supply Nvidia’s Quadro M4000 graphics.

We have no complaints: it’s the obvious choice of accelerator for workstations in this price range.

Yoyotech opts for a speedy PCI Express-connected M.2 Samsung SM951 as its primary drive, although the modest 256GB capacity is smaller than some this month. The hard disk is again a little less capacious than most entries, with only lTB. but it’s also an enterprise-class drive from Seagate’s Constellation ES.3 series.

This means it has 128MB of cache compared to most drives’ 64MB. boasts a reassuring 1.4 million hours mean time before failures, and is specified to be on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If that’s not enough, it has a five-year warranty.

All of this, including a DVD writer, is housed in a spacious Fractal Design Define Rs chassis; a popular choice in this test, with a huge array of tool-free drive bays and a solid construction.

Where the Renatus M3 again wins for originality is its power supply: like the Constellation hard disk, this could win friends in larger businesses. The 750W Thermaltake PSU is connected to the motherboard via USB as well as its regular power connections. A driver then allows it to be monitored so you can see how much power each rail is taking, and by implication each component. According to Yoyotech, the driver can communicate its readings over a network to a remote store, so the consumption of multiple systems can be monitored.

Rendering with Maxon Cinebench R15 produced scores in line with our expectations of a six-core Intel Core 17 running at 4.2GHz. The OpenGL result wras a little ahead of most of the competition, however. The SPECview’perf 12 scores were mostly as expected for Quadro M4000 graphics, although a couple of view set results were a percentage point or two behind the best workstations on test.

BELOW The Pro M3 has the most powerful processor this month

BELOW The Pro M3 has the most powerful processor this month

The PC Pro Benchmark score of 202 wras also a tad lower than other Haswell E systems.

Overall, the Renatus Pro M3 is a mature workstation from Yoyotech.

It matches a number of this month’s alternatives closely in terms of spec and design, but the enterprise-grade hard disk and monitored pow er supply extend its appeal to larger companies. The system could have a more generous storage capacity, and it’s a little pricey, but otherwise this is a thoughtfully specified modelling and image-editing workstation with decent capabilities for rendering and video encoding as well.

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