Yoyotech Renatus e-RS1 Review

As compact as it is capable, this workhorse PC is only letdown by a noisy power supply fan Saying something is “no-frills’’ tends to be damning with faint praise. A bit dull, you might imagine. A nothing kind of object. Yoyotech’s Renatus e-RSi is certainly a no-frills machine, especially compared to the terrific-value Yoyotech Warbird RS10 gaming machine on our A-List, but I’m not using the phrase unkindly. Instead, Yoyotech has wisely invested its budget in cost-effective components that do the job. Consider the CiT S012B chassis, a budget microATX case available on Amazon. Yes, it’s not the prettiest case … Continue reading Yoyotech Renatus e-RS1 Review