Workstation Specialists WS-X141 and RS-D2180

The RS-D2180’s rendering complements the WS-X14Ts modelling beautifully, but both are expensive Workstation Specialists has a novel solution to an ongoing problem: that 3D rendering and 3D modelling require almost the opposite types of specification. It offers two discrete systems designed to work together. The WS-X141 is a standalone modelling workstation, supplied with a quad-core Intel Core 17-6700K. This runs at a nominal 4GHz, but Workstation Specialists has set it permanently to 4.5GHz. For good measure, there’s 64GB of 2,133MHz DDR4 SDRAM onboard. Graphics acceleration comes from Nvidia’s familiar Quadro M4000, but Workstation Specialists diverts from the storage script by … Continue reading Workstation Specialists WS-X141 and RS-D2180