Super Flower Leadex Platinum 850W

Super Flower Leadex Platinum 850WThe Leadex Platinum 850W boasts 80 Plus Platinum certification for just £123 inc VAT. This PSU has a single-rail design, delivering 70.8A on the 12V rail. It can also run in semi-passive mode by switching the ‘Eco’-button on the back. Meanwhile, the many connectors are mounted on flat cables that are more than long enough for any system. Unlike the other 850W models on test, the Super Flower ‘only’ has four PCI-E graphics connectors, but realistically, you’re very unlikely to need more from an 850W PSU anyway.

The Super Flower really shines when it comes to performance though. It manages to deliver some of the best results on test, including the lowest ripple of any 850W class model – a mere 9.8mVtt. Efficiency averages out at 90.08 per cent, which is excellent, even if the pricier Be Quiet! and Seasonic PSUs manage even better efficiency results.Meanwhile, the 12V supply is rock-solid and noise production is quiet too. In our tests, the fan didn’t even spin up until the unit was stressed over a longer period of time with a 500W load.We measured a noise level of 36.3dB(A) at this load, which is whisper-quiet and probably inaudible once it’s inside a case, although competing power supplies such as the Corsair RM750i manage to be even quieter at this load.The Super Flower Leadex Platinum 850Wis a superb PSU, and while it’s pricier than a lot of the competition, it’s significantly cheaper than other Platinum PSUs, and its ripple results are excellent. If efficiency is your priority, this is a great PSU for the money. As always, though, it’s up against very fierce competition from Gold-rated PSUs, and although the differences are small, there are cheaper and quieter PSUs available that are only marginally less efficient.A great price for a Platinum-rated power supply, and with fantastic ripple results, but it’s pricey compared with the excellent Goldrated competition.

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