Speedlink Decus Respec Gaming Mouse Review

A new generation peripheral, with a few added extras

A couple of years ago, Speedlink launched the Decus Gaming Mouse, a high-end gaming peripheral complete with numerous LEDs, adjustable DPI settings, and a range of programmable buttons. The Decus was also one of the most competitively priced gaming mice available at the time, which made It hugely successful.

Now the company has launched Its successor, the Decus Respec Gaming Mouse, along with some subtle changes, better design and a brand new feature.

The Speedlink Decus Respec combines style and good ergonomics

The Decus Respec’s design, to the eye, doesn’t look too different from the former model that came out in 2014. However, It’s slightly wider, and the contours flow around the mouse, from the ends of the buttons to the elegant rise In the back, in more ergonomic style. This not only makes it a very comfortable mouse to use for long periods, but also one that remarkably stylish.

With ergonomics in mind, the base of the mouse spreads out on both sides, with the left-hand side allowing the thumb to rest easily against the side of the mouse, and within easy reach of the two side buttons. Likewise, the right-hand side is ridged to allow the right-hand finger ring and little finger to rest Into while using the mouse. All of this makes for a relaxed position while in use.

The high degree of customization is still present with this new version of the Decus, with five profiles available, adjustable DPI settings from 400 to 5,000, seven colored lighting options, a configurable polling rate up to 1000Hz, and seven programmable buttons. The biggest difference between this version and the last Is the Introduction of a custom weight setting. On removing a section at the base of the mouse, you can Install or remove four 4.5g weights. Without the weights, the Decus Respec weighs 127g, but with them that weight Is Increased to a sturdy 145g.

Along with the Decus Respec comes the Speedlink configuration manager. While most configuration software tends to blind the average user with unnecessary GUI options, Speedlink’s approach Is quite minimalist. On the surface, It’s a light, easy-to-read setup tool that allows you to change the DPI, LED colors and which profile you’re currently using. Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll hit the section where you can program the buttons, add key commands and access the macro functions. Again, though, this Is laid out in a simple and easy-to-understand set of function boxes and options – something other peripheral management developers should take note of.

The new weight system and better customisation makes for an excellent gaming mouse

While a custom weight system, adjustable buttons and Internal memory isn’t something new to mice, it’s refreshing to see that Speedlink has managed all of the above while still keeping the Decus Respec at around £44.99.

We liked the Speedlink Decus Respec Gaming Mouse. It’s a comfortable, useful and configurable mouse that, while offering high-end gaming credentials, still manages to keep things simple for the rest of us.

mm David Hayward

A great, value for money gaming mouse

8 Total Score
Speedlink Decus Respec Gaming Mouse Review

A great, value for money gaming mouse

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