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1 Eizo Foris FS2434 Review

Eizo Foris FS2434 Review

Eizo Foris FS2434 - A top-notch 1080p monitor with lots of extras Eizo is best known for making monitors aimed at graphic designers, publishers and other professional users. The Eizo Foris FS2434 monitor is therefore a surprise because it’s aimed ...
2 Phillips 274E5 Monitor

Phillips 274E5 Monitor

The first two characters of the Philips 274E5's model number give the clue that this is a 27“ monitor. With a thin black bezel, the LCD monitor offers an effective viewing area of 597.89 by 336.31mm with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and an optimum ...
3 Asus PB287Q Review

Asus PB287Q Review

Asus PB287Q Review - Asus, much like Dell, was one of the first companies to offer 4K monitors to the masses as long ago as late 2013. Back then, though, the screens were going, so only those with extremely deep pockets ever managed to sample UHD ...
4 Samsung U28D590 Review

Samsung U28D590 Review

Samsung U28D590 - Samsung generally comes up with some pretty decent everyday monitors, but it's the more elaborate and higher-tech models that get the most attention. As you can imagine, then, a 4K monitor from Samsung is certainly cause for ...
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