1 ViewSonic VG2401mh Review

ViewSonic VG2401mh Review

One of the major downsides of G-Sync and FreeSync technology is vendor lock-in, since AMD cards won’t work at 144Hz with G-Sync screens, and vice versa. ViewSonic has taken a different approach with the VG2401mh, though, which supports a fixed 144Hz ...
2 BenQ XL2420G Review

BenQ XL2420G Review

David checks out a 24" monitor that promises high-end gaming visuals The BenQ XL range of monitors has never ceased to amaze us in terms of quality, features, specifications and design. The higher end of the range, the XL2730Z, is one of ...
3 Asus ROG Swift PG278Q Review

Asus ROG Swift PG278Q Review

Asus' 27in ROG Swift is the priciest G-Sync monitor in this Labs by a wide margin. But good image quality, a wide range of additional features and superb gaming performance go a long way to justifying this cost.A five-way joystick at the back is ...
4 Acer XG270HU Review

Acer XG270HU Review

Acer's 27in FreeSync display is sure to impress the moment it lands on your desk. Read our Acer XG270HU Review. Its striking bright black and red frame makes it stand out, and the almost impossibly slim bezel, measuring no more than a few ...
5 Samsung LU32D97KQSR Review

Samsung LU32D97KQSR Review

Ultra-HD monitors are a boon to creative professionals and well Heeled enthusiasts, and this 32in model from Samsung is one of the highest-quality displays we’ve ever tested.Featuring a 3840x2160-pixel resolution, the Samsung LU32D97KQSR Review, ...
6 BenQ BL3201PT Review

BenQ BL3201PT Review

Following BenQ’s previous monster 32in monitor, the BL3200, the new BL3201PT gains a notable upgrade that moves resolution from 2560x1440 pixels, to the UHD dimensions of 3840x2160. This large desktop monitor is aimed at designers and discerning ...
7 Acer S277HK Review

Acer S277HK Review

LCD panels for PCs are now bigger than ever, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a big monitor on your desk to enjoy more screen working space. With the Acer S277HK, you get the expanse of a 27in monitor in a compact frame that’s ...
8 LG 34UC87 34” 21:9 Monitor

LG 34UC87 34” 21:9 Monitor

LG 34UC87 at the top of the computer monitor game with a curved 34” UWQHD beauty On a desk, this monitor is beautifully imposing. With a 34” diagonal size and 21:9 display ratio, it’s like having two monitors glued into a single display – stunning. ...
9 Benq RL2755HM Review

Benq RL2755HM Review

Need more control over your gaming display? Look no further The Benq RL2755HM has been engineered for gamers, to get the best possible resolution and refresh rates while offering one or two other subtle extras to help the gamer enjoy the experience ...
10 ViewSonic VP2780-4k Review

ViewSonic VP2780-4k Review

ViewSonic tries to muscle into the professional market with a new 4K screenNot long ago, I covered ViewSonic's VX2880ml, a 28" 4K screen for less than £500. The problem with that display was that it only supported 30Hz in 4K resolution, making ...
11 BenQ GW2765HT

BenQ GW2765HT

Looking for an IPS, WQHD monitor for under £300? Then read on...Despite advances in monitor technology, trying to find a good IPS display that can hit WQHD resolutions for under £ is still something of a gamble. There are a number of them ...
12 Philips Brilliance BDM3470UP

Philips Brilliance BDM3470UP

Another wondrous widescreen, but this time with a pro bent We’re broad. We’re broad. We’re broader than Broadway, sings Philips as it delivers its latest ultra-wide monitor. The Brilliance BDM3470UP is a 34-inch slab of AH-IPS panel that adds ...