1 Philips 227E6E Review: Suitable for those with limited desk space

Philips 227E6E Review: Suitable for those with limited desk space

Philips 227E6E Review - Not True blue but SoftBlue features in this next review Not everybody has the space or need for one of the larger monitors that are currently available. For those who fall into this category, Philips offers its E-Line 227E6E ...
2 Asus PG279Q Review

Asus PG279Q Review

BUILT FOR SUPER-HUMAN SPEEDS. We’re all familiar with CPU, GPU and memory overclocking, but over the last few years another PC component has been at the heart of a niche group of tweakers. It turns out that several very affordable Korean monitors ...
3 Samsung U32E850R Review

Samsung U32E850R Review

A flawed masterpiece for lots of money Call it Ultra HD. Call it 4K. Either way, it’s a metric tonne of pixels and simultaneously seductive and very silly. It’s seductive in a way that only really big numbers and cutting-edge tech can be. Eight ...
4 Turn Your Monitor Into A Smart TV

Turn Your Monitor Into A Smart TV

James Hunt shows you how to make your display do a little more. How to convert lcd monitor to smart tv? It may not have escaped your notice that the line between TVs and computer monitors is pretty thin these days. An LCD panel with high-definition ...
5 Panasonic TX-50CX802 Review

Panasonic TX-50CX802 Review

Panasonic has put to bed the ghost of plasma with this 4K TV champion It may have taken time for Panasonic to refocus its engineering team from plasma to LCD, but with the CX802 (also known as the CX800 in some territories) the Japanese giant ...
6 ASUS PB328Q Review

ASUS PB328Q Review

ASUS PB328Q Review - The ASUS PB328Q is a professional-grade monitor that combines multiple picture quality enhancements, ergonomic adjust ability, and advanced technologies that anyone who uses a PC on a daily basis will appreciate. As the ...
7 ViewSonic VG2860MHL-4K Review

ViewSonic VG2860MHL-4K Review

Can Viewsonic deliver the perfect 4K display? I’m increasingly feeling like Goldilocks at a porridge testing event regarding ViewSonic’s 4K displays. First I covered the very expensive VP2780-4k, and found it didn’t support 60Hz at full resolution. ...
8 Acer B326HUL Review

Acer B326HUL Review

If you have the room, a bigger display always looks better. The same cannot be said for bigger pixels - the smaller the better. Although more affordable 32in monitors are beginning to muscle in on 24 and 27in models, they often come with a ...
9 Iiyama ProLite XU2390HS-B1 Review: A very affordable 23in monitor

Iiyama ProLite XU2390HS-B1 Review: A very affordable 23in monitor

The standard monitor size these days is 24 inches, that being the diagonal measurement from the pixel at the bottom left to the one at the top right. If we quoted the dimensions the same way as any other object, we’d call it 531x299mm. You can get ...
10 Loewe Connect 55 Review

Loewe Connect 55 Review

After a period stuck in buy-out hell, can the German brand's first ever 4K TV persuade John Archer that it hasn’t lost any of its premium edge? There have been moments over the past couple of years where things have looked decidedly ...
11 Sony KD-65X9005C Review

Sony KD-65X9005C Review

This is an eye-catching 4K screen from Sony, but Steve May would rather be dreaming of electric sheep After eight mints and vinyl records. These are just two things thinner than a Sony X9005C 4K/Ultra HD TV. It’s not much of a list, granted, but ...
12 ASUS MG279Q Review

ASUS MG279Q Review

The Monitor Your Eyes Want Is The Monitor They Deserve. Read our ASUS MG279Q Review. Ever been at a friend’s house or a LAN party and glimpsed a computer monitor so beautiful that you felt pangs of jealousy wash over you, to the point where you ...