Logitech MK850 Performance

A multi-device keyboard and mouse combo for multitaskers… MKay.

Keyboards and mice are the most frequently used bits of equipment in the office, yet these essential PC appendages are often an afterthought, meaning we’re left with cheap and rudimentary solutions.


At the other end of the spectrum are combos like this MK850 kit, where an ergonomic design, smart configurable buttons and responsive wireless connection are just a few of the benefits that you’ll get over stock keyboard and mouse arrangements.

Its real distinguishing feature is just how at home it is being connected to your tablet or smartphone, as it is with your PC or Mac.

The K850 keyboard’s splayed convex design may look as though it was forcefully bent over someone’s knee, but its subtle curvature and wider centrepoint make it a particularly convenient layout for prolonged typing.

This curvaceous facade is bordered at the bottom by a soft silicone palm rest, creating a gentle incline and a comfortable rest for your hands. Whether you have it set at a 0º, 4º or 8º incline, this cushion manages to feel comfortable and always sits flush with the table.

We were a little concerned about the light resistance offered by the K850’s 19mm keys, but a nice concave key design and a deep travel distance combine to create a relatively effortless, yet still precise typing experience.

Another surprisingly convenient feature is the dual markings on keys, which show each key’s varying functions on different OSes — such as, the Windows key is also handily marked as the Command key (if you’re using a Mac) and each function is marked in a different colored font that’s used consistently for that device-type across the board.

In addition to having a full-sized keyboard layout, there’s also a raft of useful functions pegged to the F1 through F12 keys. A few of the K850’s function keys are particularly useful for navigating tablet and smartphone OSes, a feature that makes sense when you can connect up to three devices simultaneously and toggle between them using those clearly marked (and well placed) white keys that sit above the systemcommands bank.

The M720 mouse manages to match the keyboard’s ergonomic design standard, with a generous and comfortable mouse body that accommodates your entire palm and offers stable and consistent movement. Each of the M720’s 10 buttons seem to sit underneath or adjacent to one of your fingers, giving you maximum control with minimal movement. The M720 is also the first mouse we’ve seen to have its own multi-device toggle that can click between three simultaneously connected Bluetooth devices.

Mouse support varies depending on device, of course, and though, for the most part, the M720’s Bluetooth compatibility is on par with the MK850 (including Windows 8 and 10, Mac OS X 10.10+, Chrome OS and Android 5 + support), it does miss out on the keyboard’s iOS5+ compatibility.

The Logitech Options application for Mac and Windows is the standout feature of the M720 mouse as it gives you the control to make six of the mouse’s 10 buttons anything from desktop screen switches to single click media controls.

With over 33 customisable tasks, the number of configurations is enormous and each action will be appealing to someone.

Joel Burgess


The asking price will be a hurdle for most, but the improved comfort and efficiency offered is second to none.

Rating 4.5/5

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