Linux distros

1 Remembering…  Ubuntu 4.10 Review

Remembering… Ubuntu 4.10 Review

We recall the first version of a great Linux distro October 2004 promised to be an interesting month in the Linux community, as Canonical was releasing its very first distro. The September before had seen a collection of adverts ...
2 Robolinux 8.4 Review

Robolinux 8.4 Review

Integrating Windows with Linux has never been easier, thanks to the power of Robolinux. To gamer a user base, both established and new distributions need to offer something a bit different without over complicating the user experience. Its ...
3 Ubuntu 16.04 Review

Ubuntu 16.04 Review

WHATS NEW FOR 16.04? Discover whats shipping with your new Long-Term Support release Ubuntus Long-Term Support releases are, by definition, designed to be highly stable improvements with minimal disruptive changes. 16.04 is no different, and ...
4 Whonix Review: Whole new world

Whonix Review: Whole new world

Whonix is very different from the other distros in this group test. The distro is in fact a pair of Debian-based virtual appliances that you must run simultaneously, in two separate virtual machines. The Whonix-Gateway is used for configuring Tor, ...
5 59 best linux distros 2015

59 best linux distros 2015

The Top New Review team selects the cream of the Linux crop for 2015 – there’s something here for everybody. We don’t need much of an excuse to start playing with lots of different Linux distributions. It’s one of the best ways of spending a wet ...
6 Ubuntu 15.10 Review (aka Wiley Werewolf) Desktop and Server

Ubuntu 15.10 Review (aka Wiley Werewolf) Desktop and Server

The project hosts test builds that let you preview Unity 8 atop Ubuntu 15.10. Mayank Sharma runs through everything you need to know to get productive with the latest Ubuntu release. Ben Everard's purple werewolf costume left some people ...
7 Raspberry Pi 2 Distros

Raspberry Pi 2 Distros

Since you can now use the Raspberry Pi 2 as an everyday desktop, Mayank Sharma needs a distro that fits the fill. The original Raspberry Pi struck a chord with anyone who wanted a tiny little device that had enough juice for a specialized task. ...
8 Build a Linux PC

Build a Linux PC

Assembling a PC is straightforward, but choosing the components is less so. Neil Bothwick looks at the options There is a document that has been floating around the internet for at least fifteen years, called ‘What if operating systems were ...
9 Bluestar Linux Review

Bluestar Linux Review

An Arch-based KDE distro that’s chock full of apps. Shashank Sharma tests what appears to be a winning formula with Deskpro Edition Rolling release distros are adored and feared in equal measure. A large section of the Linux user community, ...
10 Debian 8.0 Jessie review

Debian 8.0 Jessie review

Jessie has gone stable, and this new LTS release for Debian seems to have spent only a short time at the testing branch Wheezy felt like it was in testing for a long time, yet already we’ve had 8.0 Jessie supersede it as the next stable. It’s odd ...
11 Install Linux on a Chromebook

Install Linux on a Chromebook

Chrome OS is brilliant. For the type of user Chromebooks are generally aimed at, it does exactly what it needs to do. It’s fast and easy to use – what more could you ask for? Well, you may find yourself missing some of the features associated with ...