Linux distros

1 Whonix Review: Whole new world

Whonix Review: Whole new world

Whonix is very different from the other distros in this group test. The distro is in fact a pair of Debian-based virtual appliances that you must run simultaneously, in two separate virtual machines. The Whonix-Gateway is used for configuring Tor, ...
2 59 best linux distros 2015

59 best linux distros 2015

The Top New Review team selects the cream of the Linux crop for 2015 – there’s something here for everybody. We don’t need much of an excuse to start playing with lots of different Linux distributions. It’s one of the best ways of spending a wet ...
3 Ubuntu 15.10 Review (aka Wiley Werewolf) Desktop and Server

Ubuntu 15.10 Review (aka Wiley Werewolf) Desktop and Server

The project hosts test builds that let you preview Unity 8 atop Ubuntu 15.10. Mayank Sharma runs through everything you need to know to get productive with the latest Ubuntu release. Ben Everard's purple werewolf costume left some people ...
4 Raspberry Pi 2 Distros

Raspberry Pi 2 Distros

Since you can now use the Raspberry Pi 2 as an everyday desktop, Mayank Sharma needs a distro that fits the fill. The original Raspberry Pi struck a chord with anyone who wanted a tiny little device that had enough juice for a specialized task. ...
5 Build a Linux PC

Build a Linux PC

Assembling a PC is straightforward, but choosing the components is less so. Neil Bothwick looks at the options There is a document that has been floating around the internet for at least fifteen years, called ‘What if operating systems were ...
6 Bluestar Linux Review

Bluestar Linux Review

An Arch-based KDE distro that’s chock full of apps. Shashank Sharma tests what appears to be a winning formula with Deskpro Edition Rolling release distros are adored and feared in equal measure. A large section of the Linux user community, ...
7 Debian 8.0 Jessie review

Debian 8.0 Jessie review

Jessie has gone stable, and this new LTS release for Debian seems to have spent only a short time at the testing branch Wheezy felt like it was in testing for a long time, yet already we’ve had 8.0 Jessie supersede it as the next stable. It’s odd ...
8 Install Linux on a Chromebook

Install Linux on a Chromebook

Chrome OS is brilliant. For the type of user Chromebooks are generally aimed at, it does exactly what it needs to do. It’s fast and easy to use – what more could you ask for? Well, you may find yourself missing some of the features associated with ...