Linux distros

1 Austrumi 3.8.3 Review

Austrumi 3.8.3 Review

Small and nimble is not how Shashank Sharma describes himself, but in Austrumi he’s found a distribution that is exactly that...Read our Austrumi 3.8.3 Review. In brief A Slackware derivative that’s capable of being run entirely from memory. ...
2 Feren OS 2018.07 Review

Feren OS 2018.07 Review

A pseudo-rolling release distro based on Linux Mint and Ubuntu, you say? Shashank Sharma pulls up a chair and adopts a ‘tell me more’ expression... In brief Feren OS 2018.07 Review - The distribution features the Cinnamon desktop and ships with a ...
3 AryaLinux 1.0 Gnome Review

AryaLinux 1.0 Gnome Review

AryaLinux 1.0 Gnome Review Featuring custom tools as well as the ability to put together your own spins, Shashank Sharma is intrigued by the aspirations of this LFS-inspired distro In Brief This is the first release since the distribution ...
4 Mint 19 Powered

Mint 19 Powered

Mint 19 “Tara Jonni Bidwell has blended a tasty selection of Minty wit and knowledge, to help you get the most from this powerful distribution. Finally the wait is over. The latest version of one of the most popular Linux distros has landed, ...
5 Etcher 1.4.4 Review

Etcher 1.4.4 Review

Les Pounder has many Raspberry Pis and this means he needs to write a lot of cards. Can this application help him save time? IN BRIEF A GUI tool to create SD cards for Raspberry Pi, and bootable USB drives for distro hoppers. Etcher has built-in ...
6 Phoenix OS 2.6.4414 Review

Phoenix OS 2.6.4414 Review

The world of desktop Android has numerous competitors, but with Phoenix OS, John Knight may have finally met the king. In Brief Phoenix OS is a Chinese Android distribution that provides a familiar PC-style interface. Based on Android 7.1.1, it ...
7 Flint OS 3.2 Review

Flint OS 3.2 Review

Flint OS 3.2 After a recent buy-out of the company, John Knight explores the final release of Flint OS before it all changes to something new. In brief Based on Chromium 62, this is Flint OS's final build and was released at the end of 2017. ...
8 CRUX 3.4 Review

CRUX 3.4 Review

CRUX 3.4 Review - A barebones DIY distribution that helps seasoned veterans build their desktop from the grounds up CRUX 3.4 Review: Specs CPU x86-64 or newer processor Graphics Dependent on the desktop you install RAM 192MB ...
9 Bliss OS 7.2 Review

Bliss OS 7.2 Review

Bliss OS 7.2 Review - Still mourning 2017's demise of Remix OS, John Knight explores what else the world of desktop Android might have to offer... Based on Android Nougat, Bliss OS is designed to run across all your tablets, phones, and ...
10 GalliumOS 2.1 Review

GalliumOS 2.1 Review

Fed up with a non-functioning touchpad and tearing videos, John Knight explores a Chromebook distro and is unprepared for the speed that awaits. GalliumOS 2.1 Review - GalliumOS is a tailor-made distribution for Chromebooks, with specific hardware ...
11 Trisquel GNU/Linux 8.0 Review

Trisquel GNU/Linux 8.0 Review

The Free Software Foundation’s favourite distribution is back after a four-year hiatus Trisquel GNU/Linux 8.0 Review - You can be forgiven if you haven't heard of Triequel; the distribution had its last stable release over four years ago. But, as ...
12 Zentyal 5.1 Review

Zentyal 5.1 Review

Zentyal 5.1 Review - Point releases that are a year in the making is enough of a reason to pique Shashank Sharma’s interest. But is his curiosity misplaced? IN BRIEF Unlike most other server distributions. Zentyal features a graphical desktop that ...