Linux distros

1 Manjaro Linux 18.0 Review

Manjaro Linux 18.0 Review

Mayank Sharma tests a user-friendly Arch-based distro, ignoring the jibes of being called a pseudo Arch user by one very vocal advocate. In Brief Based on Arch Linux, Manjaro is one of the most popular derivatives that focuses on user- ...
2 Elementary OS 5 Review

Elementary OS 5 Review

As a major update of the trendy distribution parades down the Linux ramp, Mayank Sharma wonders if he can use it as his everyday desktop. An Ubuntu derivative that's made a name for itself for crafting a very usable and aesthetically pleasing ...
3 Ubuntu 18.10 Review

Ubuntu 18.10 Review

Leaning back in his chair while testing the latest iteration, Mayank Sharma wonders if it’s time Ubuntu should only put out LTS releases? Read our Ubuntu 18.10 Review. The desktop experience feels smoother thanks to Gnome's performance ...
4 Fedora 29 Review

Fedora 29 Review

Mayank Sharma was expecting fireworks when Ubuntu switched to Gnome. Yet Fedora is still the undisputed premier Gnome-based distro...Read our Fedora 29 Review. One of the marquee RPM- based desktop distributions that continues to offer the best ...
5 Escape Windows

Escape Windows

Fed up with Windows 10? Looking to switch to a more user-friendly variant of Linux that gives you the best of all worlds? Nick Peers has all the answers... By the time you read this, Microsoft will have rolled out another major ...
6 Tails 3.9 Review

Tails 3.9 Review

Because accessing the Tor network doesn’t take too much time and effort, Mayank Sharma wonders if it’s worth using a Live distro for that purpose. Read our Tails 3.9 Review. Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) is one of the most ...
7 Elive 3.0 Review: What’s a beautiful OS !

Elive 3.0 Review: What’s a beautiful OS !

There’s something about this distribution that compels Mayank Sharma to put on his deerstalker and investigate any shortcomings...Read our Elive 3.0 Review. In Brief A Debian-based distro that uses the lightweight Enlightenment desktop ...
8 Mint Debian Edition 3 Review

Mint Debian Edition 3 Review

The ever-cheerful, happy-go-lucky Mayank Sharma hunkers down in his Debian-based distro bunker and awaits the coming Ubuntu apocalypse. In brief All kinds of distributions, from the desktop- oriented MX Linux to the ...
9 Quirky 8.6 Review

Quirky 8.6 Review

What to do with old hardware would be a crisis-inducing existential question for Shashank Sharma, if not for projects like Quirky... In Brief Packed with a large array of useful applications, the distribution runs entirely from RAM and can ...
10 Zorin OS 12.4 Core Review

Zorin OS 12.4 Core Review

Ubuntu-based distros are a dime a dozen. Shashank Sharma wonders if Zorin is yet another newbie-centric derivative, or something more... Read our Zorin OS 12.4 Core Review. An easy-to-use distribution based on Ubuntu and designed to appeal ...
11 IPFire 2.21 Review

IPFire 2.21 Review

Shashank Sharma will only use a firewall distribution if it's easy to set up and manage. Does IPFire pass the test with flaming colours...? Read our IPFire 2.21 Review. Firewall distribution One of the several firewall distributions that ...
12 ArcoLinux 6.9.2 Review

ArcoLinux 6.9.2 Review

It’s based on Arch and is barely a year old, but don’t dismiss it as just another Arch-based distribution. Read our ArcoLinux 6.9.2 Review. Above Once you’re comfortable with the distribution, begin your learning by first ...