For 20 bucks, the  CHOPPER ADVANCE  has plenty of power,  and even more  pizzazz.

Once upon a time, manufacturers could occasionally get away with one-dimensional wares. Make a product with unparalleled performance, and most enthusiasts would forgive you if it was ugly as a toad. Conversely, power users buying a particular component based on its looks might be willing to accept less-than-stellar performance.

We have a hard time believing that’s the case anymore. As markets become increasingly crowded and cutthroat, a company’s survival depends on doing everything well, because if you’re not willing to invest in making hardware that performs as awesome as it looks, you’d better believe the next guy is. LEPA clearly understands this, and its new CHOPPER ADVANCE case fans provide the proof.

Clearly, LEPA put the fans’ aesthetic front and center; they’re made to dazzle, relying on a thin PCB strip with LEDs attached to the fan rotor to accomplish this mission. LEPA outfits the CHOPPER ADVANCE with either blue, red, green, or white LEDs. The white model has a nearly all-white construction, while the other three options use a black frame with a “halo ring” (more on that in a moment) colored to match the LEDs.

The CHOPPER ADVANCE fans offer 30 lighting modes. The LEDs on the white model we tested were plenty bright, and the effects were brilliant. Be aware, though, that the lighting modes are not user-selectable. Instead, the CHOPPER ADVANCE cycles through all 30 and then starts over. Some might like the constantly changing nature of the fans’ LEDs, but we’d gladly pay a little more to have some control over the effects.

Although form is clearly important to LEPA, it’s equally apparent that function matters, as well. The CHOPPER ADVANCE is billed as having a modular design, and that’s no exaggeration. For starters, you can remove the fan rotor from the motor, which can make cleaning much easier. We needed a Herculean amount of force—so much that we were afraid of snapping the frame—to remove the rotor initially. Subsequent attempts required considerably less pressure to remove the rotor. LEPA goes further, though, and lets you practically disassemble the fan entirely.

Both the frame and the halo ring consist of two pieces, and separating all of them is simple work.

Speaking of work, the CHOPPER ADVANCE works hard for you. That halo ring we keep mentioning was designed to increase airflow by 30%, according to LEPA. As a PWM fan, the CHOPPER ADVANCE has a rotational speed range of 600 to 1,500rpm, good for a corresponding airflow range of 29.48 to 70.38cfm.
For 20 bucks, the CHOPPER ADVANCE has plenty of power, and even more pizzazz.

If you want your system to stand out, it’s a standout fan.

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